Boom went the dynamite

Is this good?

It is, but, in a way, it’s like finishing fifth in the national recruiting rankings.

Either SEC pass offenses were crazy good in 2020, or nobody’s pass defense was crazy good.  Or maybe a little of both…


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  1. These stats are especially interesting bc SEC offenses played only SEC defenses this year. Do we start mocking the Big-12 for sucking at offense now? I’m so confused.

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  2. Asterisk the whole season. We put up stats against a woefully COVID depleted Miss State as did so many other teams benefit/suffer from diminished rosters.

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  3. Texas Dawg

    Football has now reached if not surpassed baseball for having a stat for everything. For baseball you can find how many times a player struck out at 2pm on a grass field against a left handed pitches over the age of 35 who scratched his balls on the 3rd base side of the mound before throwing a curve ball on the lower outside corner. With all these new stats and metrics, football has entered that territory. This is what happens with an offseason and sports obsessed statisticians have no game date to dissect and recruiting pretty much at a stand still. I will be so happy when toe again meets leather and we have actual games to discuss and bitch about

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  4. originaluglydawg

    We missed playing Vandy and GT. Those would have put the Dawgs at number one in the stats…a lot of the stats. I think Florida got to play their cupcakes. That makes for a lot of fluff.


  5. armydawg

    Any Cannon-cockers out there? JT’s stats are what happens when you send a 155 round down range with charge 7 pushing it.


  6. HirsuteDawg

    so he is saying Georgia is in the bottom part of the top 3rd in SEC – just above average