One down, ten to go

Well now, Clemson no longer has eleven returning defensive starters for the opener against Georgia.

Kendrick is talented — he was first team all-ACC in 2020 — but apparently something of a head case, managing to be benched twice during the same season.  There was some speculation that he would have turned pro, but…

Hmmm… redemption home.  Is that in Auburn or Orlando these days?


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23 responses to “One down, ten to go

  1. The Decider

    He could also go to Gainseville if he knows how to throw a shoe.

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  2. Sweet D

    Two thumbs would take him in a heartbeat


  3. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Well, given that we tend to have more than enough of our own varying states of head case players the last 20 or so years, I won’t even go in for schadenfreude here.

    I’ll just say I hope the kid can’t get his head screwed on straight so he can do something with the vast amount of talent he obviously has instead of becoming another sad story.


  4. Derek

    He saw that his week 1 match up was George and looked for a way out.

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  5. jdawg108

    Maybe he visited Athens and didn’t want to leave.


  6. ScoutDawg



  7. RangerRuss

    Dawgs need to pick on his replacement until it doesn’t work anymore.

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  8. armydawg

    With Gus out of the picture I don’t know about 2nd chance U anymore. Sounds like a perfect fit for Towel Boy.


  9. CB

    The back end of Clemson’s defense was already pretty bad. I’m not sure about the final result, but if we can put together a good enough line to give JT time (and with all that star power we better be able to) there is no reason he shouldn’t throw for 400+

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  10. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Posts like this cause my head to swim with possibilities. Is all-ACC good enough to play in the SEC? What was the mysterious and unsaid reason for the departure? Is this an academic issue? Health? Desire to go pro (I know what the second tweet said, but he isn’t listening to what tweeters think)? Main reason I can’t help but think all these things is that I know of a team that needs quality secondary help. But not at any cost.

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  11. practicaldawg

    Any guesses where JT’s first read will be?

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    • godawgs1701

      It isn’t like Clemson isn’t already used to playing without him, he’s served at least one long suspension if I’m not mistaken.


  12. ASEF

    One of their starting LBs is transferring too. Evans

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  13. 86bone

    Time OUT….Time OUT
    Our beloved #12….What Time is it in Texas….turned 60 yesterday!
    Just wanted everyone to know we are ALL getting old!
    BTW…it’s still 10-9 out here and it always will be!
    #12 DGD 🐾🐶

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    • RangerRuss

      Happy birthday ! Welcome to the club.
      Normally I won’t belong to any organization that would allow somebody like me; but, in this instance it beats the alternative.

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    • Gaskilldawg

      Lastinger is an underappreciated Dawg. He was a much better athlete than fans give him credit for being. He was a wide receiver at Valdosta High and at UGA before moving to QB at each. Lastinger was 34-2-2 as a starting QB at Valdosta and UGA. He was the AJC All-State QB his senior year at Valdosta.
      He was a winner.

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  14. ASEF

    Clemson has quietly become a mess.