The Portal Master™ takes a hit.

Would love to know what this is all about.

At this point, I kinda feel for the kid.  Do what’s best for yourself, Arik… although we’re both in agreement that ain’t Florida.


UPDATE:  This hasn’t aged well… and it’s just from this morning.


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27 responses to “The Portal Master™ takes a hit.

  1. Gaskilldawg

    Interesting. Maybe he read the Senator’s post last week about how often our TEs are targeted in our offense. J can dream, right?

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  2. Morris Day

    The kid is showing signs of intelligence again. Anyone that screws over FU is a friend of mine!

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  3. TN Dawg

    Sounds like a flake.


    • Down Island Way

      Talent is a serious attribute, indecision always has consequences…this gentleman should step away from those who are influencing him and make good decisions moving forward in life…this may be the typical road that so many travel down who are given much and said they are much more and believe it…in reality they can’t get out of bed without a phone call…

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    • Greg

      Who knows……also read this:

      “the SEC has a rule that forces players who transfer within the conference to sit out a season, even if they are granted a waiver by the NCAA.”

      I know he wants to be close to home…..if all of this is true & he would have to sit a year (SEC), could see him entertaining a move to Clemson.

      Looking forward to seeing Bowers play, he seems to have all the tools and he knows where he wants to be.

      Hope the fellow figures it out…..


      • chicagodawgfan

        I think Sankey has waived that rule several times recently (Cade Mays, etc.), so doubt that’s the reason why he’s backing out.


  4. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    There is only one YouTube clip to adequately explain how this news makes me feel. Please allow the great Mark Hamill to illustrate for me:

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  5. practicaldawg

    This is the Daily Gator I needed today

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  6. Biggen

    The boards are saying he lacks the grades. If that is the case, then I doubt we see him at an FBS school this year at all.

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  7. I’m not so sure it’s a bad thing as he sure is flaky. He’s obviously looking for the best path to the NFL but just pick a fn program already.

    Honestly, I see Tech having a better shot at him. He won’t have to share and will be closer to home, not that I believe that was the real reason. Of course, Collins has to convince him that they can get him the ball.


  8. 12thhole

    Jamie Newman v 2.0

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  9. CB

    Probably watched Emory Jones throw live and rethought his life. I still say he ends up at Bama is he doesn’t go back to LSU.

    That said I’d sure welcome him in Athens.

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  10. Teacher Martin

    This kid is trouble.

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  11. akascuba

    I would want to make sure it’s not grades before I assume he’s a head case.


    • Russ

      I can see grades since he seemed to struggle (personally) being away from home and then opted out late in the semester. He could have unfinished business in the classroom. Best of luck to the kid unless it’s against us.


  12. pdawg30577

    Smells like a B-List Tunsil to me.

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    • dawg100

      Tunsil was wearing a mask before all of us decided it was cool! (I don’t think it is true that the classic “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” was playing in the background. :))

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  13. Hobnail_Boot

    It’s grades.

    He’s a good kid. Probably will go the JuCo route for a year.


  14. Faltering Memory

    Senator,just noticed the TM following Portal Master. Your’s or someother clever person.


  15. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Apropos of nothing, I’ve been listening to my R.E.M. vinyl all evening as I’m finishing up my work for the month (taking it down to the wire this month). Life’s Rich Pageant just finished. It’s so damn good.

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