“You just had to be there.”

Was this the greatest game I ever watched in Sanford Stadium?

Honestly, it might be, if I thought about it hard enough.  Certainly ranks in my top three.

That being said, it’s not the first thing that comes to mind whenever I see a clip of it, or even the second.  The first is that I’ve never heard a louder home crowd than the one that was there for Georgia’s last (and fortunately successful) defensive stand.

The second was how Gurley’s injury was a foreshadowing of what was to come in Knoxville.  Because of the offense, that 2013 team should have been hell on wheels all season, Grantham’s ineptitude notwithstanding.  More than any other team Richt put on the field, 2013 Georgia was built to outscore every team it played, but it never got the chance after the Tennessee game.  That sucks.

But that LSU game still rules.


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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    The 2007 Auburn Blackout game, and I don’t have to think twice.

    The best team of the Richt Era. The team that WOULD HAVE won a National Title if we had just beaten the second worst team in the entire SEC at home.

    Second on the list is Notre Dame 2019. Another ultimately disappointing but talented team held down by bouts of bad coaching.

    God, we are forever fucking cursed.

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    • Derek

      If they’d have thrown more than 44 times and taken more carries away from Knowshon (14 for 104) maybe we beat USC? Perhaps CMR and Bobo, in context, didn’t get “it.”


      • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

        You never do. 😂


      • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

        Seriously dude, I just have to ask:

        Why do you keep doing it? You’re not going to bait me into getting kicked off the Senator’s blog, so why do you continue? Do you actually have so little self control?

        You do notice I don’t ever comment on any stupid thing you write, and you write so many stupid things that deserve to be called-out, but I don’t. I ignore you, as I promised I would.

        But you can’t fucking help yourself. Your lack of self control for someone I know is older than myself is pathetic.


        • Greg

          My guess is, you’re easy….easy like Sunday morning:

          Don’t worry though, nobody is out to get you. I think you’re posts are all entertaining and needed FWIS.

          Keep up the good work and…… GO DAWGS!!, right??


      • Greg

        We just can’t ever seem to hire a good/great coach, just bewildering to me why all these 4 and 5 star players keep committing.

        Oh well, maybe we will get lucky and get a great coach next time ….. the curse will forever be lifted.

        Gotta BELIEVE!!

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    • Hear, hear to 07 Auburn! Any game that involves a clip of Uncle Verne dancing is a gem. And I bet that’s the only time that ever happened. In addition to being a great back, Knowshon was just damn charismatic. The way he’d bounce up after a run and getting hit. The hurdling of tacklers? He played with the joy of a kid playing a game. Which we forget they are sometimes.

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    UGA Clempson, early 80’s….

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  3. RangerRuss

    Best thing about that game was the final score. No Penn Wagers, sorry sumbitch he is, skewing the outcome.

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  4. Greg

    Tough call, great game though. For me, off the top of my head.

    Top 3:

    1) The Oklahoma game (Rose Bowl).
    2) Georgia/Clemson in ’84 (“So we’ll try to kick one 100,000 miles”)
    3) Georgia/UT (Hobnail boot)

    Boy, still miss Larry…

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  5. Anon

    The worst was refs robbed us in 2009 vs LSU. BS unsportsmanlike on AJ Green. Unbelievable

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  6. ben

    That offense was good. It’s just unfair what happened to them, but that LSU game was indeed a great one.

    I’ve still got a copy of the paper from after that game, and it’s so full of “what might have been” energy.

    And y’all, Murray was really, really good, and I’m not sure we collectively appreciate that as much as we should.

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  7. One of the posters known as Mark

    ’78 game vs tech for me. And I have seen some great one at Sanford.

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  8. debbybalcer

    That game was so loud from start to finish. The hype video awaken the nation played and the crowd roared. It and the Blackout game and the ND game are the three loudest games I remember.

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  9. Russ

    Well, I wasn’t there so I can’t count it. For me, it was Butler kicking one 100,000 miles to beat Clemson. And I also wasn’t at Tech-Georgia 1978 but that one also ranks right there.

    Any old timers at the 1965 Bama game? 1959 Auburn? 1927 Yale?

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    • RangerRuss

      The ’27 Yale game started out great for me. But I scored some bathtub gin from a feller name of Sugar Tit McCoy and was blind for the second half and the remainder of the weekend. Heard we won and and had a grand ol time.
      Prohibition sucked bad as tech.

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  10. I couldn’t talk until Wednesday after that game. I seriously screamed until I tasted blood.


  11. “Hey Zach! Neaux means Neaux!”

    That LSU game was great for the tailgating, too.

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  12. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I watched that 2013 game this summer, and honestly hated it. It was like neither team wanted to play defense at all. Whereas to me, the Rose Bowl game was much better although the final score might suggest it was just like the LSU game in question. We cam out and got our heads spinning on D in the first half against OU, but then we adjusted and more or less took control of the game. I don’t think either LSU or UGA took control of that 2013 game, but the rules say someone has to win it. Crowd involvement was great, though.


  13. poetdawg

    For me it was the 1978 tech game. Back to back returns for touchdowns, a second attempt two point conversion play, and a comeback for the ages led by a freshman quarterback off the bench. Hard to see how it gets any better than that but since I believe that the Senator was also at that game I may have to defer to his belief that the LSU game was better.


  14. 69Dawg

    You babies, 1952 Auburn and Georgia for the SEC title.


    • Gaskilldawg

      You mean 1959, 69Dawg? My Dad was walking towards the door to go to that game when the phone rang to tell us my paternal grandmother had a stroke. Needless to say he missed it.
      Thd 1952 game in Columbus was 6-3 Georgia versus 1-7 Auburn, so it wasn’t for the SEC title. We won, by the way.

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  15. Jack Klompus

    Amazingly intense game and so much fun. I was sitting in that corner where Scott-Wesley caught that ball.


  16. ‘83 Clemson game – for the size of the crowd (82k), the bedlam after Butler’s kick is still the loudest to me.

    This game – from start to especially finish, Sanford rocked. For the current capacity, no doubt the loudest moment was the TD and the ensuing LSU possession

    ‘19 Notre Dame – the crowd was at full throat 45 minutes before kickoff

    ‘07 Auburn – when the team came out in the black jerseys, you couldn’t hear yourself think

    ‘88 Tennessee – as the rain came down in the 4th quarter, it didn’t dampen the spirits of the home crowd as Worley and Hampton did their thing

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  17. Gaskilldawg

    My top one is Georgia 21, defending SEC champ Alabama 0, on October 2, 1976. Any Georgia fan who was there will never forget it.
    I was at all the ones listed in the thread except Auburn 1959 (and Yale 1927, Russ!) and all were terrific, but Alabama 1976 was special.

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    • 81Dog

      Can’t believe it took so long for this game to be mentioned. Craziest week in Athens I ever saw. Way louder than 80 SCjr, a little louder during the game than 07 AU. If you were there, you know.


  18. akascuba

    I was at both the Auburn blackout and LSU games. The blackout very very loud at the beginning. For a total game nothing in my time between the hedges matches the LSU game. From start to the very last LSU pass never have I heard that level of sound inside Sanford stadium for an entire game.

    Everyone wanted Murray and the good guys to beat our former backup ZM who was starting for LSU. All the experts said our former QB was better than AM. The crowd was into every play that night unlike any other home game.

    Imagine if you will the sound level had tOSU played between the hedges with JF leading the good guys versus a Justin Fields led team. That’s the only recent possible comparison for those that don’t remember the feeling that day regarding QB’s. Many felt Richt should have started ZM until his legal troubles led to his being kicked off the team and becoming the LSU starter. For added drama ZM’s mother worked inside BM.

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  19. Teacher Martin

    I was there. Great game.


  20. Hobnail_Boot

    2007 Auburn was louder from my vantage point.

    If I had to pick a favorite LSU home game, it would be from 2004. That game was a bloodletting. People tend to downplay it given the disappointing UT game that followed.

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    • 2004 LSU was fun and loud, especially with how much the 2003 loss to LSU in Baton Rouge stung. That one has always stuck out to me for being particularly loud and without the night game/long tailgating some of the others had.


  21. archiecreek

    1978 UGA vs the trade school
    1980 UGA vs clemmons
    1980 UGA vs the yard chickens
    Honorable mention
    1982 UGA vs clemmons (first night game in years in Sanford Stadium)
    1982 UGA vs BYU


    • 81Dog

      I’d throw in 76 Alabama to that mix. Still the craziest week in Athens I’ve ever seen. If you were there, you know.

      The 07 AU blackout was the only game that could match that energy during the game. 19 ND was a great day, but still less to me. I wanted to beat ND, but I hate AU.

      Road games seen? 80 UT. 90000 Vols disappeared in a flash. 76 UF. 4th and dumb. 80 UF. 81 UF. 17 ND. What a trip. 1.1.18 Pasadena may be the most exciting game I’ve ever seen.

      I’ve been lucky to see a lot of great games in some great places, and a few that our satchels flew open. Here’s to more good ones, starting 9.4.21. There is no alternate plan.


  22. classiccitycanine

    it’s this game, 2014 Clemson (Gurley’s 100 yd return) and the 2013 South Carolina game that are my favorite in-person games.


  23. stillthatguy

    ’07 Auburn Blackout. I’ve been to many, MANY games at Sanford Stadium. I’ve NEVER heard 92k people EXPLODE when the team ran out after warmups in the black jerseys. Allbarn never had a chance.


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