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“The Eyes of Texas is non-negotiable.”


Commitment to the song has been echoed by the Board of Regents and by Steve Sarkisian, the new football coach who was hired in January.

From the start, Sarkisian signaled he would take a different approach than former coach Tom Herman, who said he would respect players who did not want to stay to sing the song.

“I know this much,” Sarkisian said, “‘The Eyes of Texas’ is our school song. We’re going to sing that song. We’re going to sing that proudly.”


“UT needs rich donors who love The Eyes of Texas more than they need one crop of irresponsible and uninformed students or faculty who won’t do what they are paid to do,” Steven Arnold, a retired administrative law judge and UT-Austin law school graduate, wrote to Hartzell. When reached for comment, Arnold said he had not donated to the university in recent years and has been completely turned off of college football after the events of the last year.

Leave the fucking bottle on the bar.

“It’s time for you to put the foot down and make it perfectly clear that the heritage of Texas will not be lost,” wrote another donor who graduated in 1986. Their name was also redacted by UT-Austin. “It is sad that it is offending the blacks. As I said before the blacks are free and it’s time for them to move on to another state where everything is in their favor.”

At least two people argued that because the Black student population at UT-Austin is small, their voices should not outweigh the larger wishes of the alumni base.

“Less than 6% of our current student body is black,” wrote Larry Wilkinson, a donor who graduated in 1970, quoting a statistic UT-Austin officials have stated they’re working to improve. “The tail cannot be allowed to wag the dog….. and the dog must instead stand up for what is right. Nothing forces those students to attend UT Austin. Encourage them to select an alternate school ….NOW!”

Good luck on the recruiting trail, Steve-o.


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Off the mark

If there’s a reason to be cautious about JT Daniels’ future in red and black, it’s been his propensity to turn the ball over.  In his freshman season at USC, his only full season, he threw ten interceptions in 363 pass attempts.  That ratio was better in his four games last year — 2 picks in 119 attempts — but he also got away with a few bad throws, like this one that could have cost Georgia the Peach Bowl.

Daniels turnover-worthy throw right before Jack Podlesny's field goal.

We saw him underthrow his receivers pretty much in every game.  Young attributes some that — fairly, I think — to a lack of time for Daniels to get familiar with his receivers.  But surely some of that is simply the result of the risk inherent in having a gunslinger mentality.

To put it another way, there’s plenty for Daniels and Monken to work on this offseason.


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Your Daily Gator despairs.

Call it the sound of reality sinking in.

Screenshot_2021-03-01 The sad truth about our football future

And that comes after the Gators won the East!  (Granted, things didn’t go so well afterwards, but still.)  Imagine how he’s gonna feel after this season.  About like we did in 2oo8…


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A 9-year old “future STUD”

I, uh… have no words for this.

Why do I have the feeling Lane Kiffin is about to offer him?


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The stadium ate my field goal, mom.

One byproduct of spring football is that the bad calls come earlier, and this one’s a doozy.

Believe it or not, the call was upheld on review, because, why not.  Eastern Washington lost the game, naturally, although not on the ensuing series, which left the Big Sky with a little egg on its face.  And, boy, did the conference double down on it.

“Sorry, but it’s the stadium’s fault” has to go down as one of the more outstanding blame shifts of the decade.  Sounds like we’ve got some officials who are ready to move up and join the Pac 12.  Very well played, fellas.


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Musical palate cleanser, at the intersection of truth and humor edition

Ladies and gentlemen, a light note to start your week — CD Woodbury’s “Can’t Eat That Stuff No More”.

Pretty catchy, no?


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