The stadium ate my field goal, mom.

One byproduct of spring football is that the bad calls come earlier, and this one’s a doozy.

Believe it or not, the call was upheld on review, because, why not.  Eastern Washington lost the game, naturally, although not on the ensuing series, which left the Big Sky with a little egg on its face.  And, boy, did the conference double down on it.

“Sorry, but it’s the stadium’s fault” has to go down as one of the more outstanding blame shifts of the decade.  Sounds like we’ve got some officials who are ready to move up and join the Pac 12.  Very well played, fellas.


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10 responses to “The stadium ate my field goal, mom.

  1. MudCat's Mechanic

    SEC refs are actually better than other refs?

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  2. Down Island Way

    When ever you play against the “Vandals” you can always say, “We was robbed”….

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  3. gastr1

    Wow. It was the refs’ fault and also was the stadium’s fault and also was the rules’ fault (there’s a rule that says it’s unable to be reviewed when higher than the upright? Who knew?). It takes a village.

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  4. The fact they said the official appeared to be adjusting his mask is pretty funny. There likely isn’t another human being within 6-12 feet of him. If that’s true, it wasn’t necessary.

    That official should lose his job for blowing that call. You have one job to stand under the goal post, find the ball and look up.

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  5. Hobnail_Boot

    Tyler Simmons was onsides.

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  6. originaluglydawg

    I blame Dr. Fauci.

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  7. Dawg19

    Apparently, Angel Hernandez is moonlighting as a football referee.