Your Daily Gator despairs.

Call it the sound of reality sinking in.

Screenshot_2021-03-01 The sad truth about our football future

And that comes after the Gators won the East!  (Granted, things didn’t go so well afterwards, but still.)  Imagine how he’s gonna feel after this season.  About like we did in 2oo8…


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    So, Florida reverting to Bob Woodruff/Ray Graves/Doug Dickey/Charlie Pell/Galen Hall form? Loads of potential but no cigar? Wouldn’t bother me.

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  2. practicaldawg

    That post sounds like what we’ve been saying since the beginning. Mullen is a QB savant but not a total HC. He neglects most aspects of the job outside the passing game. He’ll make a great OC at his next stop.

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    • Down Island Way

      What’s with the jack***…it’s JACKASS dipstick, say it like you know it in your hogtown heart…the FU hc is a JACKASS…#FTMF

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    • “He neglects most aspects of the job outside the passing game.”

      I would differ on that opinion. The GPOOE’s mechanics and his ability to play the position never improved the whole time under Dopey. He got very lucky that Trask worked hard enough to be a successful starter but always remember if Franks doesn’t get hurt against Kentucky, Kyle Trask never sees the field in Hogtown.

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  3. Got Cowdog

    This has a hint of the deja-vu to it, like I’ve felt this vibe in another life…
    Oh well. Sucks to be them, then.

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    • artistformerlyknownasbman

      Deja-FU: the feeling that you’ve experienced hating the Gators in the same way before, but just can’t remember it.

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  4. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    I don’t agree he’s a QB whisperer. The GPOOE was about Irvin Meyers not him plus the GPOOE had no mechanics. It was just about playing baby elephant behind a great O-line with an occasional pop pass when the defenders came up to tackle. When will people realize that the FU O under Meyers was all about the QB scoring—either running it in behind great blocking or throwing it when the DBs came up in run support. Either way the QB scores in that offense. And they gave that hack the Heisman! Sheesh!

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    • siskey

      You makes good point. Those Corch teams had great defense (except 2007) and used Tebow as a battering ram. Imagine how good they would have been had Cam not stolen the laptop.

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      • dawg100

        Tebow = greatest fullback ever.

        (If we had given the ball to Shaun Chapas every time near the goal line, he’d have broken HW’s TD record as well!)

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        • Anybody remember Jasper Sanks?

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          • miltondawg

            While his career was a major disappointment and everyone in the country wanted him so you can’t blame the Dawgs for pursuing him, what I will always remember most about Sanks is that we got Sanks and UT got Jamal Lewis who was 10x the player that Sanks ever was. The UT game when Jamal was a freshman and admitted to playing with added motivation against Georgia while amassing over 200 rushing yards was brutal.

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  5. RangerRuss

    “and hear the lamentation of their women.”
    Fuck those motherfuckers.

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  6. Ran A

    Best part? This was written BEFORE Gilbert de-comitted.

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  7. MGW

    I was worried when they hired him. Till he showed he can’t recruit for shit.

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  8. It’s a virtual carbon copy of Georgia boards from the late ’90s, except instead of complaining about a coach who recruits insane talent but underachieves with it, they’re complaining about a coach who’s good at maximizing his talent but can’t be bothered to recruit. Either way, I love it and I’d like a Kirkland economy-sized three-gallon jug of it, please.

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  9. The wailing and gnashing of teeth in Shitville, I mean Gainesville is awesome. I hope they crater this year…(hope they crater every year)…hope their program follows UT’s lead…let them all compete to have the biggest dumpster fires 🔥. Kirby is shaking up the east!…Go Dawgs

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  10. Is it just me, or do you guys take “Jawja” as somewhat of a compliment?

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  11. Texas Dawg

    This from Swamp 24/7. It’s things like this that really brighten up an otherwise rainy dreary day. The reality of what Side Show Dan (aka The Portal Master) really is has started to sink in down in Hogtown. It’s kind of like buying a used care that had a new paint job but you never looked under the hood. It might look pretty good, but it will breakdown and leave you stranded as the rest of the world goes flying by.

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    44 months
    Lol! Yea Mullen is the king of the portal. What a joke. This is why all the elite coaches don’t mess around and count on the portal to save their **** from awful recruiting. We will never be elite until we start recruiting at a higher level

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  12. dawg100

    On another thread about Sam Horn, I thought they summed it all up well:

    GhettoGator said… (original post)I know we all liked Horn but we have to be a little realistic. We’re never going to get QBs that Mizzou wants.

    GG, I want to laugh but there is no joy in GVille today…..

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