Meet the defensive backs

Gone are LeCounte, Stokes, Campbell and Stevenson.  Who are their replacements in Georgia’s secondary this season?

Talent won’t be the problem.  Experience, though?

Screenshot_2021-03-02 People following Derion Kendrick ( almightydk1_) Twitter

Let’s just say I don’t think Addae is following Derion Kendrick on Twitter because he’s lonely.



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18 responses to “Meet the defensive backs

  1. mg4life0331

    If the dude is a disciplinary nightmare I don’t want him.

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    • Contract years have a way of focusing the mind sometimes. I wouldn’t write him off just yet.

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      • mg4life0331

        I get that, but if youre screwing up enough to get benched at Clemson?

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        • FWIW, Dabo still loves the kid.


          • Down Island Way

            Dabo also loves to hear himself talk in tongues….

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          • ASEF

            Then why was he dismissed? If Dabo wanted him, seems they’d find a way to keep him. Reminder: this is the coach who publicly speculated Ostarine maybe leached into the water suppply at the football facility. Dabo’s not exactly a high-accountability, discipline first guy.


            • Dabo’s not exactly a high-accountability, discipline first guy.

              I’m not much of a Dabo fan, but I’m not sure I buy that.


              • ASEF

                He talks it, but show me where he walks it?

                He absolutely hid from the Ostarine outbreak, babbled some nonsense about accidental ingestion, then said he was going to get to the bottom of it, then a month later said it wasn’t his job to figure it out and someone else was working on it.

                The “boys will be boys” approach to Wilkins grabbing an OSU’s players junk while the player was on the ground on his stomach with another Clemson player laying on top of him?

                I’m not seeing it. Anywhere. He’s incredibly sensitive to perceived threats to his own authority, but as long as it’s not directed at him, he doesn’t seem to get that engaged.

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            • silvercreekdawg

              Rumor is he wasn’t actually dismissed. He was being a diva and the two of them agreed it would be better for him to go elsewhere. The “discipline” issues allegedly were not major; it was more of an accumulation of small sins rather than one big one.


              • ASEF

                A secondary that got absolutely torched by Ohio State lets a starting 5-star walk?

                Either he’s unmanageable, or he’s given up on Clemson maxing his draft position. And the second option seems a huge stretch.


  2. We have plenty of kids on our team that aren’t choir boys — always have, always will. If Kirby and Coach Addae feel like his issues are ones either that they can handle or help with and that Kendrick can help the team, there should be no hesitation about bringing him in to help in the defensive backfield.


    • Russ

      Plus, it means Clemson would have to redo their signals. And we’d know how they steal signals. It at least gives Clemson something else to worry about before the opener.

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      • Dawg in Austin

        I’m guessing the players don’t know the secret sauce on sign stealing, that’s something you keep between a small group. But I do like the idea of learning the weaknesses of their WRs and DBs from him.


      • TN Dawg

        Of course if your opponent thinks they know your signals, that can be used to your advantage.

        I can see how that game would be played, doesn’t take much imagination.


  3. CB

    S/O to former bulldog walkon Dustin Royston hitting the recruiting trail for MTSU.


  4. theorginaldawgabides

    Based on the previous post, it’d be worth getting him just for what he could add to the Clemson game. Hell, play him at the star and put him on Ross the whole game.


  5. rugbydawg79

    I worry about locker room chemistry bringing in anyone.


  6. rigger92

    Dabo is a slimy dude. His mouth directly to rat poison. If they lose that opener it makes zero difference. They own the Almost Competitive Conference. It’s pretty fucking disgraceful considering MIA and FSU, with added angst from what should be solid VT, UVA, BC.

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