Bullet dodged?

According to Dennis Dodd, Todd Monken was considered heavily by UCF before it went with Gus Malzahn.

If that’s the case, I suppose we owe Gus a small debt of gratitude for Georgia avoiding another choppy offseason.


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6 responses to “Bullet dodged?

  1. Down Island Way

    There is your next question asked by those that can “Did you ever consider leaving UGA”…


  2. Bulldawg Bill

    I beg to differ!!!! We gotta keep on choppin”!!!!!


  3. armydawg

    If we have the season we hope for, color Monken gone for 2022.


  4. that was the rumor.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    I wonder if Monken would’ve cost them more than Gus?

    From what I’ve seen of Monken, we should strongly consider dropping a money bomb on him and lock him down for a few years. Good-to-great OCs are at a premium. It’s gotten to where they can name their price… and get it.

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  6. akascuba

    If your winning championships expect coordinators to move up to HC jobs.
    It`s all part of the process and and a wonderful problem to be blessed with.

    Losing Monken now would be so Georgia I hate to think of it.