Letting the position coaches out, part two

Matt Luke also was given the opportunity to meet the press yesterday.  About the offensive line’s prospects, it sounds like there will be plenty of mixing and matching in the near to intermediate future, but it sounds like that will flow around three building blocks.

One takeaway from Luke’s presentation on Tuesday was that Jamaree Salyer, Justin Shaffer and Warren Ericson figure to be in the mix.

“Guys like Jamaree [Salyer] coming back, and [Justin] Shaffer and Warren Ericson, they have been doing a great job of leading,” Luke said during the Zoom session, asked about the timeline for determining a starting lineup.

“I think, with guys that have some experience, it does give you a little bit of flexibility.”

That’s where it gets back to Shaffer, Salyer and Ericson.

I think, anytime you have some flexibility with guys like Jamaree [Salyer] that can play multiple spots, and [Justin] Shaffer and Warren [Ericson] that can play multiple spots, it gives you some flexibility,” Luke said.

Notice that two starters from the bowl game aren’t mentioned there, the two tackles.  That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re out of consideration to maintain their places, but it does sound like they’ll have to fight to keep them.


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3 responses to “Letting the position coaches out, part two

  1. artistformerlyknownasbman

    That last sentence is essentially, “Anytime you have some flexibility, it gives you flexibility.” Matt Luke will be teaching a class in coachspeak, good for three credit hours in the Sports Management major.

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  2. Russ

    Flexibility is nice if you have to have it. Stability is much better. Given the wealth of talent we have along the OL, I’d much rather pick a good starting 5 and stick with them for the majority of the time. I think our problems in the Peach Bowl were due in large part to the mixing/matching in the (short) lead up to the game.


  3. atticus34

    a ton of 4 and 5 star talent. Just find 7-8 that can play