So — a question for y’all.  While I don’t disagree with Chip Towers’ take here

OUTLOOK: In Daniels’ four games under center last season, the Bulldogs saw scoring increase by 8.3 points per games, with improvements in total yards (plus-103.2 ypg) and passing yards (plus-101.5 ypg). More impressive was his explosive pass-play numbers. If calculated as completions of more than 20 yards, Daniels had 22 in four games, compared with the other quarterbacks’ 15 in six contests. … But overlooked during that run is the level of competition Georgia was facing. With the exception of the 9-1 Cincinnati Bearcats, who the Bulldogs narrowly bested in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl (24-21), none of the other opponents logged a winning record in 2020. We didn’t get to see Daniels against Alabama, Auburn or Florida. It’s safe to say that the Clemson defense Daniels will face in the 2021 season opener will be the best he has faced at Georgia, and possibly since being in college. … That’s what makes this spring especially important for Daniels. It represents 15 of what will be a total of about 40 11-on-11 practice opportunities between now and that trip to Charlotte on Sept. 4 to play Clemson. Mechanics, timing with receivers and mastery of Monken’s offense all must be sharpened in that span…

… I am curious about the language in his header (or, more likely, his editor’s header), which is “Will Georgia offense be transformed under QB JT Daniels?”

Is transformation what we’re really looking for in 2021, or is it simply a case of refining what we saw from Georgia’s offense under Daniels’ four starts?  Maybe it’s just a matter of semantics, but at this point, to me at least, Monken’s already reinvented the wheel, so to speak.  I just need to see what Towers mentions in his last sentence come to fruition this offseason.  What about you?



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  1. artistformerlyknownasbman

    I’m inclined to agree with you Senator. No need to transform the offense, or reinvent the wheel as you say. Just make sure the wheels are rotated, aligned, and properly inflated.

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  2. We don’t need to throw 50x per game to win. Do whatever works to get to 500 yards and 40+ points. I think our defense will be solid enough to take it from there.

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    • Down Island Way

      The transformation is from the UGA QB at the end of the vandy less season to a really badass, take no prisoners, catch us if you can UGA QB #18 J.T.DANIELS!…that’s transformation right there now…

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  3. ASEF

    The car has been upgraded. Crew still needs to work on aerodynamics and find those extras horses in the whiner, but that’s just dotting Is and crossing Ts.

    My big question kind of goes back to that LSU-Texas game everyone’s forgotten about. It was a shoot out, and LSU had the ball a couple of times near the end with a lead, with a couple of obvious “get a few yards on 3rd and long to improved field position before punting” opportunities. Instead, the offense attacked, the converted, and increased their lead. Really set a tone for the year and communicated to the offense, “It all rides on you.”

    Those are the pivot moments I’ll be watching to evaluate “transformation.”

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  4. originaluglydawg

    ASEF’s comments about the LSU/TX game brings a thought.
    In these days of shoot-outs, field goals may become rare. You need that 7 points and even if you gamble and get nothing, you’re still ahead in the point count if you get seven on the next gamble. Three points is looking smaller and smaller unless it’s an end of half/game thing as against Cincinnati.

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    • rigger92

      Yeah, but there have been games (SC ‘19) where multiple missed FG’s cost us the game. They can sneak up on an opponent if converted. 9-12 points helps when looking from the forest.

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    • You cannot play the game to kick field goals, but you also can’t take points off the board by doing something stupid by going against the odds on 4th down. The end of the first half of the Tennessee game is a perfect example. Going for it on the goal line was the right call. The play call and its execution left something to be desired. On the other hand, when you’re in 4th and goal from the 15 because of a sack or penalty, going for it is a call that isn’t worth the risk unless the score dictates that you must have a TD. The decision to have Hot Rod kick the field goal to make the score of the Notre Dame game 23-10 could have been disastrous when our defense proceeded to give up a few explosive plays and the offense couldn’t grind out a first down to kill the clock. We had the Notre Dame defense on its heels at that point, and a TD in that situation ices the game. At a minimum, you get a first down, have a chance to kill more clock, and then kick the field goal. At the absolute worst, Notre Dame still has to drive the length of the field against our defense which had taken over the game at that point.


  5. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    We need to completely flip the first down run / pass numbers, and use play action about twice as much as we did last year.

    So yeah, I’m okay with “transform.”

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  6. My hope is that because JT will be the starter, Monken can open the pass options up even more. Monken has already “transformed” the offense from being just manball run heavy as some of the data the Senator has provided in previous posts suggests. Now, like Towers last sentence, we just need JT to thrive in Monken’s schemes and in turn Monken develops and exploits JT’s abilities. If it gels just right, this fall will be fun to watch…2020 started out with a new OC and complete disarray at the QB position…2021 should be radically different…in a good way.

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  7. practicaldawg

    Receivers were open all over the field before JT got to play. The difference is that he was able to deliver the ball to them. Seems like a stretch to call that a transformation. I think the better question is “can JT execute UGA’s offense?”


  8. mg4life0331

    I know Ive said it before but here goes. We didn’t play anyone, and when we finally did we barely beat them and we didn’t even score 30.

    All those metrics…epi, yac, ypp, whatever. Don’t mean shit because there is a scoreboard and they aint on it.

    We would have gotten our asses kicked by any team in the top 4 last year.