Your Daily Gator is projecting. Again.

I believe this dude may be asking the right question about the wrong coach.

Screenshot_2021-03-03 Kirby’s seat

It’s nice that he cares, in a sort of late ’90s, Georgia-ish “what’s Spurrier gonna do, now that Jim Donnan is the best coach in the SEC East?” sort of way.



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24 responses to “Your Daily Gator is projecting. Again.

  1. rigger92

    Haha. Cousin Eddie’s seat will be hot next. If we don’t win the East this year it won’t be CKS at risk, it would be time to adjust his staff. My opinion on the existential area is that Kirby needs to get the chemistry right within his staff/coordinator’s to make something like ‘17 happen again.

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  2. RangerRuss

    The day just keeps getting better.

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  3. originaluglydawg

    Handbag whistling as he walks by the graveyard.

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  4. Derek

    Never understood why an opposing fan base gaf about the other team’s coaching hot seat. It seems to me that if you think their coach isn’t very good, you want him doing just enough to stick around. The new guy might kick your ass. In short, gus at auburn for life was my thinking.

    Die, retire, change jobs, nfl are my thoughts about coaches we’ve had problems with over the years, not “is he on the hot seat?”

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    • Greg

      “cruiting”….”cruiting”. Kirby is a cruiting machine.

      He’s building it & they are coming – 15 & 0 FWIS!


    • I still remember seeing Handbags with “Gators for Goff” written in white shoe polish on the back windshield of their POS Z-28s in Jacksonville.

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    • siskey

      This is my fear with Mullen. Florida has gone 50/50 on hiring football coaches for the last 30 years. If they fire him they are likely to get a really great coach.


      • ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

        Not true. FU has only had 2 coaches in its history who were really successful: SOS and Meyer. Just going back the 50 years you suggest they have had at least 10 HCs. That makes the chances at about 20%.


  5. Ran A

    Kirby is ‘rent for free’ in a lot of Gator heads these days. It’s funny how they will tell you Mullen is the better coach, while fretting over Kirby. Or over in Tuscaloosa, they’ll go out of their way to talk about how Georgia will never win a Natty any chance they get.

    Georgia has become what many said they should be for years. The beast in the East. It doesn’t mean that UF cannot be competitive, they simply do not own that space anymore. Now they have to fight – just to have a chance to share it. And that is something that most of them still cannot believer or wrap their head around. 🙂

    And over in the West, they worry a lot less about LSU and Auburn and A&M and a lot more of what is going on in Athens.

    That Natty will come – that I’m confident off. And in the meantime, I am greatly enjoying the stress that Georgia football is putting on these two programs, while completely dominating Auburn and UT.

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  6. Another way in which 2020s Florida fans are like late-’90s Dawg fans: thinking an 8–4 season has you set up to dominate the entire division.

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  7. dang. yall got your own problems bra.


  8. Texas Dawg

    Funny that they would be worrying about Kirby when their own fan base if pondering Mullens guidance of the ditch lizards

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  9. MGW

    Mullen’s fine. As long as they’ve got a Heisman candidate throwing to two first rounders, we’re down, and also we don’t have a quarterback, he’s got a chance to beat us by two scores again some day.

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  10. practicaldawg

    Posts like that reflect the reality setting in across the Jorts Nation. The best they can hope for is an irrational firing of Kirby.

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  11. I was just thinking, there’s gonna be some game we step on our dick. Could be SC! Just need to win that one, and yell at the Internets, and move on. But I really need UF absolutely trounced. No knees on the 1 yard line.


    • Down Island Way

      The only hot seat in Kirbs future is 1- The First Lady Of UGA football, Mrs. Mary Beth Smart 1A-The smart children…that’s it..don’t distract from the shortcomings of the FU hc…#FTMF