Chubb on Propst: FTMF

Of course, Nick is much more eloquent than that.

Proof, once again, that brevity is the soul of wit.


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  1. I love Nick Chubb. He has always had a “the ball ain’t heavy” perspective about him.

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    • I’m guessing Rush Propst isn’t going to be showing his redneck, bigamist face in Georgia or Alabama again soon. You take a swing at likely the favorite Georgia player of this generation or the greatest coach of his era. You better not miss.

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      • rugbydawg79

        And Hugh Nall probably would like to whip his ass.

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      • I can’t tell you how big a fan I am. I followed him in HS. I was screaming at the internets about chubb. Then he broke lose with no helmet and no shoes and running over people and the rest is history. And F that stadium that almost cost his entire career.

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  2. Ran A

    And as one of the articles I read pointed out – Chubb rarely tweets. So he did it to basically call this lying bastard out.

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  3. Gaskilldawg

    The silence from anyone else associated with UGA is deafening. Also, Chubb didn’t deny anything other than needing money.
    I am concerned.


    • C.L. Leigh

      Yeah, I would like to hear some denials. Players, coaches, administration.


    • Spell Dawg

      Nah, it’s like being accused of being a pig-f*cker, a denial just keeps it in the news. Chubb’s response was perfect, UGA can come out with a snarky dig aimed at Probst when the time is right.


      • dawg100

        Already made a statement after Dan Patrick. As this “allegation” also included Saint Nick, it just looks like mud flinging by Propst. Alabama and UGA should simply ignore Propst.

        And as there is a specified accusation against Chubb, that should be an easy one to disprove and put the whole thing to bed.

        No need for any statements right now. Why mimic Hugh Freeze!


        • I’d be thinking about suing Probst, if I was UGA and UA.


          • Texas Dawg

            If I were Hugh Nall, I would be on the phone to my attorney.


          • Gaskilldawg

            Do you remember back in the 1990s when UGA was on probation arising from the Florida youth coach who would pay out of his own pocket for his players to attend summer college camps? He never attended UGA, never made a donation to UGA and never bought a ticket to an event at UGA, but we agreed with the NCAA he was “a representative of UGA athletic interests” and agreed to certain penalties?
            I had a friend who was on the staff at the time. I asked why we didn’t fight the characterization on that guy as a representative of our interests. His answer surprised me. He said we wanted to end the investigation before the NCAA could find out all that Coach ______ (I won’t use his name) was doing in Florida.
            Sometimes filing suit and inviting discovery can be counterproductive.


  4. Terry McCullers

    Chubb is an a class guy and a hell of a football player. DGD!,

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  5. Butler Reynolds



  6. Wonder if Chubb still plans on being a hops farmer.

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  7. I like to think this was running through Chubb’s head as he tweeted:


  8. debbybalcer

    Chubb was recruited by Richt who recruited Gurley too both DGD. we did not give Gurley cash and you know that because of his autograph scandal. If money had been Nick’s motivation I am sure it was out there elsewhere. Of all the players to attack Probst picked the wrong one. Probst is disgusting.

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  9. wfdawg

    As both a Valdosta High and UGA alum, I’m outraged at Propst. You can say crap about a lot of people in this world, but Nick Chubb ain’t one of them.

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  10. Texas Dawg

    Since we have heard from the paragon of virtue and righteousness otherwise know as Rush Propst we need to examine this. He has named Hugh Nall as the bagman. He has named Nick “Chubbs” as the recipient. He did not name Sony or Roquan so does that mean Kirby worked his magic and got them to come back for free? Do Sony and Roquan need to back bill the slush fund. Or is it what we all know it is,.. a flaming load of horse shit.

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  11. 69Dawg

    Rush Propst proves that if you can coach football even at the high school level you can get away with murder. This is a black eye on Valdosta.


  12. Vicki Laidlaw

    I refuse to allow some jackass (Probst) sling mud at two of the most legendary football programs. Maligning one of our greatest players in Nick Chubb is not only beyond the pale, but is akin to disturbing a hornet’s nest. May Probst be covered in so many whelps and scars caused by his own folly – and angry hornets – that NO reputable sports program or publication ever pays HIM a penny again. Yes, I hope multiple lawsuits will follow him the rest of his sorry and disreputable life. May he end his days in prison with lots of angry criminals (also SEC fans) who will be happy to “take care of him”.


  13. whybotherdude

    Never did like the old bastard but now all I can say is he deserves to be hired to the coaching staff at uf.