Good news for modern Dawgs

“I’ve always had a lot of confidence in Todd. Todd’s a great football coach,” Mullen said

He sure as hell wasn’t talking about Georgia’s offensive coordinator there.

Long may they run.  Especially on third down.


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16 responses to “Good news for modern Dawgs

  1. Any one given game, Grantham’s blitz packages can get home and blow up an offense. But over the course of a season, against good OCs, he’s average as grits and always has been.

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    I hope that’s not the ole kiss of death vote of confidence. I know it can’t last forever, but please let him stay till we shake off the Curse of H.

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  3. Derek

    The Mullet Prophecy:

    “I’m guessing next year everyone will look and say ‘we’ve taken a huge step back throwing the ball.’”


  4. I must not understand what it leans to be a great football coach then…

    Everyone keeps saying that about him but


    • He’s a good LB coach, he’s good at XO on paper. He can do the film and study and is good. I am guessing he is confident and aware in meetings and discussions. He is not a good field general. His concept of a major huge athlete as a NT works, but only with a NT that is built like the ‘Fridge but can move and hustle like Hines, so good luck with that. Like someone said here recently “3rd and Grantham started as a compliment”


      • W Cobb Dawg

        Meh. People just don’t appreciate how innovative CTG is. The towel guy to block sign stealing. Using timeouts immediately after the 2nd half begins. The complex system of hand signals to confuse…um, everybody. These are all leading-edge innovations he masterminded for modern defenses.

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        • Ray S

          His leading edge concept on hand signals is actually brilliant! It’s impossible for the offense to steal the signals and know the defensive alignment when the D doesn’t even know! He is playing 5-D chess and maximizing unpredictability!


  5. Texas Dawg

    Bill this year in Jax as the battle of the Todd’s: Todd “The Genius” Monken vs Todd “Towel Boy” Grantham. Four rounds on the banks of the St Johns with a NO MERCY rule.

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  6. Really hope CTG runs with that to the AD and gets a $100 million buyout clause.


  7. I love this pic that someone attached in the comments section…hope it works here

    FTMF…hate those jort wearing Aholes

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