Is Kansas’ administration playing a game of Can You Top This?

Jeff Long has to be the shittiest vetter in the history of employment.  How this didn’t raise a red flag completely escapes me.

Long claimed that a series of background checks were conducted before the Jayhawks hired Miles in 2018, and no one in LSU’s athletic department raised any red flags.

“I also asked coach Miles, directly during the interview process, whether there was anything in the past that could potentially embarrass the university, or himself or our program, and he said no,” Long said. “We also did our due diligence by talking to individuals within the LSU athletic department to see if there was anything we should be aware of regarding coach Miles’ tenure at LSU and received no indications of any issues.”

When they learned of the legal dispute that was settled out of court, Long said Kansas “requested copies of any and all reported related to Miles when he was at LSU.”

“We were given a variety of reasons from Miles’s legal counsel why that would not be provided to us,” Long said.

The first response to that should have been, “well, fuck you, if your guy wants the job, you’d best provide that”.  Instead, Long opted for “welcome aboard, Les!”.

That’s not even the most jaw dropping thing Long said yesterday, as he tried to explain why Kansas is handing Miles almost $2 million to walk away from a job he shouldn’t have been hired for in the first place.  This is:

Long was asked why Miles wasn’t fired for cause if Miles lied to him.

“That’s really a legal question as to how he could or couldn’t respond at that time. But that was his response,” Long said.

When pressed again, Long said, “That is debatable whether that is a lie, and I’ll leave that to our legal people to dice that out. We felt it was important to move our program forward, that we needed to basically agree to mutually part and pay Les through the remainder of ’21 is basically what it came down to.”

My Gawd.  Incredibly, it looks like the school is going to let Long hire Miles’ replacement.  The dude’s recent track record includes hiring Bobby Petrino, botching the firing of David Beaty and, now, the hiring and firing of Les Miles.  It’s almost as if Long is doing a round of “hold my beer” with himself.

At least, maybe Long can negotiate a lower buyout in case the next guy gets caught lying.



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20 responses to “Is Kansas’ administration playing a game of Can You Top This?

  1. What an amazingly stupid sport. It really is.

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  2. MudCat's Mechanic

    They were so desperate for a coach that might possibly make them into a respectable football program they glossed over the details and it wound up screwing them. Sucks to suck. Feel bad for the student athletes. The admin mightily screwed them over. On to the next coach and another losing season.


    • gastr1

      Because having one of the country’s most historically successful basketball programs just isn’t enough these days.

      Kansas lives in fear that the Big 12 will dissolve and they’ll end up in the Missouri Valley Conference because their football program is worthless.

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  3. gastr1

    The only reason a school pays a buyout to a coach who they should be firing is because the coach could show in court that they had previous knowledge of the problems. That’s why Wichita State gave Gregg Marshall 7+ million…they knew he was an abusive asshole and had already settled out of court in the past re: one incident with him.

    KU’s admitting they knew who Miles was and either hired him anyway or didn’t care.

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  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Sounds like your average athletic director to me. The same class of people who are such sharp negotiators with that agent whatsisname.
    A more general point to ponder. I read this kind of story in politics, in government agency management, and in the private sector almost every day now. Are people that much worse at their jobs than when we were young? Or, do we just see it more with 25/8/370 110% news coverage for everything these days? Or, are the people the same and just look more mediocre and ordinary now that we’re older? It just seems like fewer and fewer people can do their job with simple competence these days.
    (I know, I know, stones from glass house and all that) 😉

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    • Down Island Way

      When peeps exist that have the power to say who gets what and who don’t, that is a lot of power for one person, big time college ad’s/conference commish have a such power…hence your incompetence factor just got a lot more powerful…in the business world after the ku ad cut les loose the share/stock holders would then cut the ad loose next…


  5. CB

    Interested to see beginning of the Art Briles era at Kansas this fall.

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  6. F it, I’m going back to school and getting a sports management degree. Over the past few years it’s become abundantly clear that being a college AD is a great way to earn huge sums of money even if you have no qualifications or common sense whatsoever.

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  7. Ran A

    Hmmm…. Would have been a good fit at UT.

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  8. ASEF

    Basic AD job description these days:

    “Be a top notch fund-raiser who can expand facilities with enough $$$ left over to clean up all your hiring screw ups.”


  9. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    Miles had $8 Mil left on his contract. Getting out for only $2 Mil is a good deal for LSU. If there had been litigation LSU would have spent a whopping amount on attorney fees and still run the substantial risk of losing the case for all the reasons the Senator points out above. As for why Miles didn’t tell long about the settlement or the facts underlying the settlement, I feel certain there was a non-disclosure covenant in the settlement that prevented him from doing so and Miles could point to that as a legal excuse for not telling.


  10. 123 Fake St

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Miles’ resume says he’s proficient at Excel.

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  11. W Cobb Dawg

    Long’s shortlist for new HC: Briles, Freeze, Sandusky…


  12. Ozam

    Most ADs are good politicians. They are using other people’s money (i.e. there is no owner per se) so their decision making rarely makes sense.


  13. godawgs1701

    I guess they’re lucky that KU basketball pretty much runs itself apparently. How has this guy not crashed that ship yet?