Musical palate cleanser, triple cover battle edition

Yessir, it’s a three-fer today!

First, the original, one of Chuck Berry’s greatest tunes:

It always amazes me how short that song is.  Chuck was nothing if not economical.

Here’s a fantastic live cover from the Stones, from a show they did in front of a small live audience just before the release of Sticky Fingers.

Nobody channels Chuck Berry’s guitar licks better than Keef.

Finally, and speaking of channeling Chuck Berry, here’s Bob Seger’s blistering version:

I love ’em all.  And your vote goes to?


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12 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, triple cover battle edition

  1. Salty Dawg

    Chuck gets my vote.


  2. Idlewild Dawg



  3. Scotty King

    Bob’s version on Live Bullet may be the best of them all.


  4. Scotty King

    Y’all know I love the Stones, but the others are better in this case.

    Bob includes a snippet of “Little Queenie” in the Live Bullet version.

    Thanks for the Stones’ cover of Chuck’s “Don’t Lie To Me” in the other thread.


  5. Love me some Chuck…but, he was a threat to use the same melody in different songs. Let It Rock = Johnny B Goode


  6. TripleB

    Hard to top Chuck.


  7. milehighdawg

    I humbly submit an additional consideration by Athens’ own Widespread Panic. They clock this number at 8+ minutes. JB’s growling delivery makes it my favorite of the bunch. Great selection for this series Senator.