Sudden impact

Jake Rowe speculates on Will Muschamp’s role this spring and beyond.

What happens on the days between those practices? Well, that’s where Muschamp and the rest of the analysts really come in. Those days allow UGA’s assistant coaches and support staff to meet with players in groups or individually in the film room. They can highlight what was right and what was wrong from the previous practice or practices. They can teach and motivate.

t’s something that has been and will be done in preseason camp, just at a much faster pace. Muschamp provides an extra set of eyes. Instead of two experienced defensive play callers on staff in Smart and Dan Lanning, there are now three. Muschamp has plenty of experience coaching defensive backs and can assist Jahmile Addae. He has coached linebackers, too, allowing him to lend a hand on those off days to Glenn Schumann or Lanning. If he’s not involved in game planning and installation for the 2021 season and even G-Day, the word “shocking” comes to mind.

Georgia’s defense should be playing catchup to the offense this spring. The Bulldogs are filling big shoes at outside linebacker, inside linebacker, cornerback, and STAR/nickel. Smart has spoken on numerous occasions about incremental improvement from practice to practice whether it’s spring or fall. Having Muschamp around this spring, with UGA’s defense facing numerous question marks, can pay off in a big way.

It kind of makes you wonder if Smart trusts Boom more than his current on-field defensive staff.  He certainly has a longer history with Muschamp than any of them.  The offseason chemistry ought to be interesting, to say the least.


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17 responses to “Sudden impact

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Will Will be allowed on the sideline during games? Will we see veins popping? Inquiring minds want to know.

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  2. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Agent Boom has finally come back home to do the good lord’s work for Dawg nation.

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  3. dawg100

    May or may not trust him more, but the point is that he is one professional defensive coach who both played and has a kid playing on this team. Paid or not, he is a pro taking a look with no on field or HC responsibities to distract.

    I think it’ll help! 😁

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  4. armydawg

    I’m wondering if Kirby will throw him a bone by letting his kid get a few snaps in against a cupcake at the end of the season.


  5. akascuba

    IMO agent Muschamp is the perfect sounding board for Kirby. He trusts him and he has experience in so many areas. I do hope to see him on our sideline in Jacksonville when we monkey stomp FU, Mullen and Grantham.


    • ben

      In my field, having someone you trust as a boss or an associate when there’s no ego or threat involved is like a dream scenario. For Kirby to have Muschamp around will be good, and I was also thinking (wrongfully, it seems) that the same might have been true for Bobo, but apparently Bobo is still sour on how things when down while he was there, which is fair enough.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    I hope Muschamp is really going to contribute. The last thing Kirby needs is a crew of hangers-on like CMR had (Van Halanger, Eason, Chappy Hines, etc., etc.).


  7. Dawg in Austin

    I just see this as the next arms race Saban created. The more former head coaches and coordinators you can have as analysts the better game plans, fewer gaps and better in-game adjustments.


  8. He wasn’t a great head coach, but the guy can develop the hell out of DBs. Even as horrible as they were last year, they held Trask under 300 yards (and didn’t allow 300+ passing to anyone outside of Ole Miss — and sure, some of that could be the bad rush defense, but it’s still pretty impressive considering the lack of talent they had to work with.)


  9. Info Info

    Senator Kirby trusts his coaches…Champ is an added bonus.