Spring is springing.

I didn’t come up with this thought on my own, but saw it on a Georgia message board (h/t RedDawg) and had to share.

What do Travon Walker, Dominick Blaylock, George Pickens and Kenny McIntosh all have in common?  They’re 2019 signees who didn’t enroll early, which means, Gawd willing, they’ll be going through their first spring practice at Georgia in just a few days.

Weird to think, hunh?



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  1. armydawg

    Scary to think how really great this offense can be this year. I would take a job cleaning up the stadium just to watch practice. Receivers and JT getting in sinc, Running backs polishing their moves & cuts, TE’s sneakily getting in the game, Special Teams getting their mojo working, Defense getting mean and scary, and “Jackpot” Podlesny kicking rockets. Yabba dabba Dabo won’t know what hit him. I really have a gut feeling that this team will scare the hell out of the SEC & beyond.

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  2. practicaldawg

    I’m just happy McIntosh is still on the roster. I thought for sure we’d lose a RB or 2 to the portal when Zeus and Cook stayed.


    • If Kenny McIntosh learns to pass protect, he could be the best running back on the roster.


    • MGW

      It’s surprising. I think part of it is that any one of them could develop just a little this off-season and end up being the best back on the roster, and they all know it. There’s just so little separation.


  3. Borderline Dawgporn right there…

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