Youth will be served: UGA’s receiving corps

Wanna get excited about something?  How about the returning production JT Daniels has to work with in 2021?

Pickens, Burton and Jackson make for a helluva starting point.  Add in an up and coming Arian Smith, a couple of studs recovering from serious injury in Blaylock and Rosemy-Jacksaint, and some others from a loaded 2020 class, and you’ve got plenty to work with.  (All that’s before you get to the tight ends and James Cook.)

If you want a little discussion on the matter, here you go.  (Although they’re wrong about the loudest moment at Sanford Stadium this century.)


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25 responses to “Youth will be served: UGA’s receiving corps

  1. We need to add going up tempo with this offense and score 40+ every game to keep all these horses fed. That will make opponents more one dimensional and easier for our young D to handle.

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  2. Not sure I agree about the claim of the deepest position group … that title clearly goes to Dell McGee’s running back room.

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  3. hialtdawg

    And this will be Pickens’ FIRST Spring Practice, btw

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  4. Ole Dokes

    Imagine Larry growling out a “…aaand, Rosemy-Jacksaint hauls in a catch from Daniels at the 35…picks up a block…”, with a heavy emphasis on thirty Fiiive & “Jacksaint!!” in the only way Larry could…


  5. The Truth

    A passing game perfect storm:
    1. Talented and experienced receivers
    2. A QB who can get them the ball
    3. An OC who can scheme them open

    Hope he proves me dead wrong, but in 2021 JT may be the weakest link for us in the above formulation, and he ain’t weak.

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  6. I’m afraid that Blaylock’s injury could end up destroying his career. Gonna be difficult to get back much playing time.


  7. Biggen

    Should we be worried that MSU has three WRs with the same amounts of targets as we do? Asking for anyone who considers Leach a genius…


    • Derek

      You go into Leach’s trophy room and it’s completely empty. On one shelf there’s a sticky note with the single word “IT.”

      Leach gets “IT.” Leach has “IT.” Leach knows “IT.” Kirby will never get “IT.”

      Instead kirby just has a seccg and a rose bowl trophy.


      He’ll just never get “IT.”

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    • hialtdawg

      No, unless we face MSU in an actual game


  8. Russ

    And don’t forget we’ve got to feed the Big 0 two or three times each game (at least).


    • Down Island Way

      One fear here and this involves the UGA football head man, if by accident the UGA “O” just happens to score T.D.s on a regular basis, accidentally at a faster clip then desired (shit happens when you’re good) and CKS requests to put some “manball” in there to slow down the “O” so the “D” doesn’t get overly exposed with the opposition trying to catch up with the passing game…winning a 65-35 score doesn’t bother me to much, CKS will point it out during his pressers to the point of puking….


  9. ASEF

    Ingredient #1: more viable receiving targets on the field than the opponent has quality cover guys

    Ingredient #2: a QB who can spot the mismatches, ID the coverage, and hit the right spot at the right time

    Ingredient #3: a running back who can feast when the defense has to go dime to handle the receivers

    Ingredient #4: an offensive line that can drive the running game when teams try to take away the pass and can protect the QB when opponents just start run blitzing every down to kill the running game and force the ball out.

    That was LSU 2019 and Alabama 2020.

    Georgia 2021:

    #1: Check
    #2: Maybe. Confidence level right now: 7 out of 10
    #3: Check
    #4 Maybe. Confidence level right now: 5 out of 10

    Nice place to be in March

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  10. TripleB

    Ya’ll stop!! It’s only March and this is making me want the season to start already.


  11. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    Most and best group of receivers I can remember at Georgia and I can remember all the way back to Wally Butts.