Shame, shame, shame

As someone who grew up on this game when it was one of the top annual events in college football, I am offended.

Pathetic, Huskers.  Just pathetic.


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  1. Granthams Replacement

    Did Vandy’s AD get the job at Nebraska? Are the ADs cousins?

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  2. Salty Dawg

    OMG. Really? Just fucking really??

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  3. But WHY? Is it as simple as they don’t want the inevitable beatdown and thus the effect it will have their brand and recruiting? So ducking out of the game will be better? Goooood lordy….if this is the case then you can’t say ‘shame’ embarrassment’ enough…or maybe just ‘candy ass’ works better in this instance.

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  4. stoopnagle

    Nebraska is dead as a power. It’s over. Let’s just hope that Tennessee is the Nebraska of the SEC. (They are!)

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  5. The current state of Husker football has me very, very sad.


  6. miltondawg

    How pitiful. Two games I watched religiously growing up were OU/Texas and OU/Nebraska. I’ll never forget how much TiVo changed things since OU/Texas was always the same day at Georgia/Tennessee!

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  7. KingMackeral

    That can’t be true. It just can’t. It defies all logic and that eve my wee-little-brain cannot contemplate.

    My goodness — if this is true — what a horrific impact it will have on Nebraska’s recruiting until Scott Frost is canned.


  8. ASEF

    My neighbors are Nebraska natives and fans. Retired, almost immobile at this point, they like to talk from the edge of their deck when I’m on mine cooking something. 10 years ago, they loved to talk college football. Now, they avoid the topic.

    Nothing says, “Come to Lincoln, oh ye elite college football players,” like whining about opening against OSU one year and then bailing out of a match-up against Oklahoma the next.

    I’d love to see UCF wax them in a bowl game while Frost is still coaching the Huskers, but I doubt Nebraska would accept the invitation.

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  9. siskey

    Which was worse? Firing Solich or leaving the BIG 12? Nebraska is responsible for one of my favorite football memories which was watching them destroy Florida from the tv at Allen’s when I was a senior in high school. They are basically Northwestern now but without the good academics and good coach.

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  10. DC Weez

    I’m sure the Husker fans will instead enjoy watching a game with some school like Nichols State. Yuck!


  11. This is truly sad. This was always one of my favorite games growing up in the eighties. Great match ups most of the time. Then I attended the University of Colorado in 1989 and Nebraska and Oklahoma became a hated rivals as the Buffs had a blip of relevancy during the nineties making the game have even more meaning to me personally.

    I hate Nebraska, but the fans are class acts. I remember when we beat them in Boulder in 1989 and stormed the field, their fans in attendance applauded realizing what a significant moment it was for the CU program. Colorado remained undefeated and basically locked up the Big 8 title that day (games with weak Okie St. & KSU only remained) leading to an Orange Bowl showdown with ND for the National Title. Of course, we choked that away and had to wait until next year to share a title with the North Avenue Trade School of all teams the next season.

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    • miltondawg

      As a college football fan, I have always had being in the stadium in Lincoln for a game on my bucket list. Several people I know have been and said that the atmosphere was excellent and the fans couldn’t have been nicer or more welcoming.


      • I have been twice. For a CU win in 38 degree and raining weather when Eric “Sleeping with the” Bieniemy went from goat to hero after he fumbled four times in the first three quarters and CU trailed 12-0. Then he scored four times in the 4th quarter to lead the Buffs to the 27-12 win over the #3 ranked Huskers and a shot at redemption versus ND in the Orange Bowl.

        The second time the weather was better, Nebraska curb stomped Koy Detmer and the #8 ranked Buffaloes on Halloween night 52-7. It was a cool stadium to visit, but the town was lame and not the most fun road trip from that standpoint.


  12. Greg

    Yeah, worked with a fellow who went to school there. He was the same way, loved to talk some smack…..not anymore.

    Always would remind me how they would whip up on SEC teams…..


  13. 79dawg

    Really giving Michigan State a run for their money on the pathetic meter…


  14. Granthams Replacement

    Apparently Nebraska has a really small neck……..


  15. MGW

    The steady erosion of amateurism is what is driving waning interest in CFB. I mean as long as the players are true, traditional, honest to goodness college students, Nebraska could play a high school team on a Tuesday morning and pack out the stadium. With all these stipends and lawsuits, why even bother bringing OU to town? Would any fans even show up?


  16. TripleB

    If you’re scared, say you’re scared! What a bad look.


  17. aim260

    1997 has never seen so far back.


  18. Jack Klompus

    I thought the 1969 Texas/Arkansas game was the Game of the Century!


    • poetdawg

      “Game of the century“ for the 1900s might make a good topic for the Playpen sometime. Seems like there were several games, especially in the 60s and 70s, that were touted as the “game of the century.”