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Rules are made to be tweaked.

The NCAA Football Rules Committee is pondering a couple of changes.

The first concerns overtime.

If the NCAA Football Rules Committee gets its wish, college football teams will be required to run two-point plays after scoring a touchdown in the second overtime — and would run nothing but alternating two-point plays if the game goes three overtimes or longer.

Under the proposed rules changes that would take effect this season, teams would no longer start offensive possessions at an opponent’s 25-yard line after the second overtime.

Currently, teams are required to run two-point plays after a touchdown if a game reaches three overtimes and would then run alternating two-point plays once a game reaches the fifth overtime.

Stanford coach David Shaw, chairman of the NCAA Football Rules Committee, told ESPN on Friday that the proposed rules changes are designed to shorten games and limit the number of plays from scrimmage to protect players’ health.

Had that been in place at the time, it sure would have put a damper on the finish to Georgia’s Rose Bowl.

Rule change #2 also involves player safety… in a way.

Shaw said the NCAA Football Rules Committee also has proposed introducing a postgame mechanism that would allow teams to submit video evidence if it feels an opponent was feigning injuries to stop the clock or slow down a team’s momentum.

“This was the biggest discussion we’ve had [on feigning injuries] since I joined the rules committee,” Shaw said. “It’s tough. What we’re talking about is ethical conduct and unethical conduct by coaches trying to influence the game. It’s hard to put on the officials and it’s hard to put something in play for that small percentage of unscrupulous coaches without punishing everybody else.”

Under the committee’s proposal, the video would be reviewed by someone such as the national coordinator of officials.

And then what?  The coach gets a stern talking to by Steve Shaw?  The horse is long gone out of the barn by then, anyway.



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Today, in youth is wasted on the wrong people

Let’s check in and see how Derion Kendrick’s career reboot is progressing…

Former Clemson football player Derion Kendrick was arrested Friday morning on gun and drug charges, according to a report from The State. 

Kendrick, a senior cornerback who was kicked off the team by head coach Dabo Swinney in February, was found asleep in a car with a gun in his lap around 3 a.m. by Rock Hill police officers, court records obtained by The State showed. He also had a small amount of marijuana, which led to a simple possession charge.

The gun charge is considered a misdemeanor, and he was taken to the Rock Hill jail, where he appeared in court and was later released on a personal recognizance bond.

Gun and drug charges, eh?  Well, at least he didn’t have a domestic assault charge thrown in.

I would assume this means Athens’ interest in Kendrick has significantly cooled.  I’m sure there are still places who want to help a good young man straighten out his life, though.


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Shamed, shamed, shamed

Athletic directors are still capable of being shamed?

Apparently so.  Who’da thunk it?

Of course, if you’re at Nebraska and a Husker god weighs in ($$)

Even the great Johnny Rodgers, the first Nebraska Heisman Trophy winner, star of the 1971 OU game and never an instigator, weighed in with a blast, telling the Associated Press, “If we’re going to start getting our reputation back, we’ve got to start beating and playing the best.”


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