And now, a brief message from our quarterback

Hopefully, that works out better than this did:


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13 responses to “And now, a brief message from our quarterback

  1. Got Cowdog

    Like my Old Foreman used to say: “Get in there, Bay-bee!”

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  2. theorginaldawgabides

    Another one of Richt’s follies- keeping Izzy around as strength coach wayyyy too long.

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  3. RangerRuss

    That indoor practice facility will be particularly useful the next couple days.
    Go time. I love the connotation.

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  4. ben

    I know I’ve said it in many places, but the swagger on this kid is just different than what we’ve had in the past, and it’s fun to see. If he and his receivers get on the same page, it could be fun to watch.

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  5. Dawg19



  6. armydawg

    DAWGS football makes life worth living!


    • 86bone

      Bout the only thing to look forward to these days…


      • Its spring. Sun is out. You got trails, rivers, lakes, mountains, beaches, bikes, boats, kayaks, canoes, tennis, golf, gardening, getting those projects done, get truck and tractor and car in tip top shape.

        come on man. are you in lockdown in Cali?

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        • RangerRuss

          GotdammitChuck, it’s cold, rainy and still winter up here. We hillbillies must wallow in our misery and self-pity for a few more weeks.

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          • I got sunburned bad Sunday working on my very used zero turn lawnmower I appropriated from work. And the mackeral are starting up now, Ive got my kit ready to go. First time trying.


        • SoCalDawg

          Chuck! My man! Don’t believe all that “lockdown” junk you read! Um…..I live in Cali and we are doing all of these things currently brother. Last Saturday after getting the old jeep tuned and ready all week — I hit the beach, then the snowcaps and then the desert, for good measure, in one fell swoop. Then played 18 on Sunday. It’s GO time for Spring indeed! Cheers.

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          • lol! brilliant. We are wide open here and have been for quite some time. The news is weird to me “when will be back to normal” Its like 95% normal here.