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They’re gonna crucify me.

Oh, FFS.


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Meanwhile, in Knoxville

If it’s not shower hygiene, it’s COVID positives.  Always something with those folks.



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Wanna watch G-Day?

Internet only, baby.

One game is different from the rest.  Quelle surprise.

There will be re-runs, though.


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Your 3.17.21 Playpen

I must say, some of y’all have been sending me great suggestions for Playpen topics.  Today’s comes from JP McDonough:

… how many followers are UGA grads, and, more specifically, what was their favorite Athens dive…secondary subject, possibly being what was the best live performance music act they witnessed in their time in Athens?

Share it all in the comments, peeps.


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Fight the power

Okay, I’ll be the first to say that sometimes, such as last season’s “Georgia’s gonna have problems breaking in a new offense and quarterback without a spring practice”, preseason narratives have staying power.  That’s why pundits keep turning to them.

Like Barrett Sallee here.

The time is now for Smart to break through that glass ceiling and win the natty. If not now, when?

Gosh, Barrett, I don’t know.  I mean, after all, look at all the greats, like Saban, Swinney and Meyer, who all coached teams that played for a natty in their second year and won one by year six… oh, wait.

It’s early, but this take is getting traction quickly.  Take, for another example, this overwrought masterpiece from Matt Hayes, which asks the musical question, “If the Dawgs don’t win it all in 2021, will they ever again?”.

Doomed, I tells ‘ya, doomed.  With, I’m sure, lots more takes like that coming.

It’s kind of amusing to me, given the contempt a lot of you dumped on the Georgia beat writing group yesterday, to see Seth Emerson ($$) emerge as a voice of rationality on the subject.

Georgia began spring practice Tuesday, the on-field beginning of Year 6 of the Kirby Smart era. This is not a championship-or-bust season. But it is a no-excuses season.

It would be nice if that characterization would take root, but I’m not holding my breath.  Apocalypses sell.


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A true master of clickbait at work

I tell you, it’s not easy to write a piece entitled “How Dan Mullen is closing the recruiting gap between Florida, Georgia” that includes the following comparison:

Florida recruiting ranking in SEC

2022: No. 7*
2021: No. 5
2020: No. 6
2019: No. 5
2018: No. 4

Georgia recruiting ranking in SEC

2022: No. 2*
2021: No. 3
2020: No. 1
2019: No. 2
2018: No. 1

*Note: In progress

Well done, Brandon Marcello.  No doubt there’s more where that came from.


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Where everybody knows your (middle) name

If you’re a long-time (long-suffering?) Georgia fan, this probably will cause a wry smile to break out on your face.

Salyer provided a specific example by singling out redshirt freshman offensive tackle Broderick Jones. The 6-foot-5 315-pound youngster has an odd middle name. Salyer wasn’t 100 percent sure how to pronounce it but guess it as “Tubby.” That’s something he learned about Jones through these skulls sessions. For the offensive linemen, position coach Matt Luke will put them on the hot seat and have them use their whole name.

Salyer says he probably knows every offensive lineman’s middle name at this point but Jones’ stands out. It may not seem like much, but when he sees Jones struggling or having a rough practice, he now feels like he can call him by that middle name and maybe break the tension.

“It may not seem like much”?  Shit, where was Matt Luke when Mark Richt needed him?  That might have strangled an entire Herbstreit-derived meme in its cradle.


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“We don’t know much of anything right now.”

That’s an accurate description of what Georgia’s facing at the cornerback/nickel positions as spring practice gets underway.

What’s new: There are new players, new contenders for starting jobs, and a new position coach. The Bulldogs lost their top four cornerbacks at the end of the 2020 season. Tyson Campbell, DJ Daniel, and Eric Stokes all entered the 2021 NFL Draft and Tyrique Stevenson transferred to Miami. That leaves UGA with zero starts at cornerback and just two returning at the STAR/nickel position with Mark Webb also entering the draft. Only three cornerbacks, Ameer Speed, Jalen Kimber, and Daran Branch, have any on-field experience.

The Bulldogs brought in Nyland Green and Javon Bullard in the 2021 class. They enrolled early and will participate in spring drills. Kelee Ringo is coming off of shoulder surgery last summer and might also be full go when drills begin on Tuesday. They’ll be led by former West Virginia defensive backs coach Jahmile Addae. Kirby Smart hired Addae in January after he helped the Mountaineers field the nation’s top pass defense in 2020 in terms of yards per game. WVU ranked No. 10 nationally in yards per pass attempt and Addae was working with an inexperienced group of cornerbacks then, too.

Plenty of talent, for sure, but that’s about all we know.  One thing seems certain, though.  We’re gonna find out real quick how good a position coach Addae is.


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It just feels… normal.

And in the case of Georgia’s first day of spring practice, normal is good.

Real good.


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TFW your reputation precedes you

Will Muschamp’s UGA bio page is a work of art.



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