Damn it, Kenny, block!

Graham does a nice job illustrating something I’ve mentioned here before:  McIntosh’s shortcomings in pass protection.

Those of you who have been blithely predicting that McIntosh is about to take a bunch of carries away from White need to consider that it’s unlikely that a program that highly values its wide receivers’ ability to block downfield is going to tolerate mediocrity from backs who don’t do a good job protecting the quarterback.  Especially…

McIntosh’s game has value, certainly.  But his opportunity is going to be limited if he’s not a well-rounded back, and well-rounded includes doing the grunt work in pass pro.


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  1. If McIntosh wants to catch a scout’s eye, busting a 60 yard run is great, but you better be able to protect the player that the franchise depends on … the quarterback. If you can’t or won’t pass protect in the NFL, you won’t make an opening day roster. Frankly, the NFL has steadily undervalued running backs over the last 30+ years.


  2. The Truth

    How’s Milton’s pass pro? McIntosh can be a key contributor, Milton can be a difference maker.


  3. 81Dog

    Probably no chance Monken and the O staff have noted this deficiency, pointed it out to the freshman who came to school in the summer under Covid practice restrictions, and have made a plan to develop what would serm to be a learnabe skill. And surely KMc won’t pay any attention to the instruction or work hard to make it a strength.

    Its a fair breakdown of a real flaw, but something tells me it will get handled. Call me a crazy optimist, but I’m not ready to panic yet.


  4. Yikes. That is some bad pass pro. The good news is it seems like that’s something that can improve dramatically, and having a full spring should help. But Graham is right. If McIntosh doesn’t prove he can protect his QB he’s going to lose out on a ton of snaps to RBs that will pass protect effectively.


  5. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    That’s why he gets a chance to improve in pass protection.

    If he does, he will see his workload increase. If he doesn’t, it might even decrease. Especially because defenses will key run if he’s in the game.

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  6. 123 Fake St

    UGA is NOT breaking in a young line.

    I predict redshirt freshman Broderick Jones will win the LT position, but everyone else will have starts under their belts and at least entering year three of the program.


  7. I like Kenny, a lot…and maybe 1 game is too small of a sample size to make a judgment…I trust in the fact that coaches Dell/Luke/Monken will be evaluating the RBs, WRs, and OL to determine which players give us the best look for different schemes. I also get the sense that Kirby watches more film than anyone, and if any of our RBs aren’t bringing their A game…they won’t get anywhere close to “toating” the rock. The backfield is stacked right now and you better separate yourself if you want to be on the field. GATA


  8. mg4life0331

    You remember when Zeus juked a guy in the backfield and JT threw a pick in the end zone?

    Pepperidge farms remembers.


  9. mdcgtp

    Kenny is a great kid from a great family. His older brother is in the NFL, and I am highly confident that he knows that area must improve for him to follow suit. I would also point out that in hurry up with the game on the line…which of our backs was in the game against Cincy? Hint: lack of pass protection didn’t deter the coaching staff. Now one could argue that he might have come out of game on clock stoppage, but all we know is that KM6 made the plays that gained the yardage for Pod to make the FG.