Standards, when you want them

You gotta love how college football insists in one breath that when it comes to players’ NIL rights, unless there’s a uniform approach, it will lead to chaos that will destroy the sport, and in the next says, different standards on intra-conference transfers are no big deal, brah.

Though, the rules are far from consistent across each Power Five league. Here’s how each P-5 conference handles intraconference transfers, barring exceptions and waiver rulings.

  • ACC: No restrictions outside of NCAA-mandated rules after eliminating them Monday morning.
  • Big Ten: Must complete a year in residence for eligibility. Graduate transfers are not subject to that rule.
  • Big 12: Athletes must forfeit a season of competition in that sport if NCAA rules dictate that they must sit a year in residence.
  • Pac-12: Interconference (sic) transfers must sit a year in residency if they’re not a grad transfer. Up until 2019 players were forced to forfeit a season of eligibility to transfer.
  • SEC: Players must sit a year in residence if they’re not a grad transfer.

So, the range is from no restrictions whatsoever on one end to losing a year of eligibility on top of sitting out a year on the other.  That hardly seems un-chaotic to me, but what do I know?


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  1. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    the 5 families need a sit down / “come to jesus meeting”…maybe Bo Nix can moderate?

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  2. I agree, there should be uniform approaches to both transfers and NIL rights.