You can’t tell the freshmen without a scorecard.

Jake Rowe gives us a breakdown of number assignments for the early enrollees here.  I am puzzled by one thing, though.  Since Carroll and Vandagriff both play offense, how did they get assigned the same number?  Any ideas out there, or should we expect one of the two to be renumbered in the fall?

Eh, wait a minute… just remembered they’ve got Carroll working out with the defensive backs this spring.  Carry on, gentlemen.


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6 responses to “You can’t tell the freshmen without a scorecard.

  1. spur21

    I wonder if the Carroll move is temporary just to provide DB depth this spring. Makes since as the RB room is full of studs and Carroll needs to be on the field.


  2. armydawg

    Part of Kirby’s overall strategy: whoever wins the competition keeps the number. Seriously, does it matter? They have to have different numbers in a game, so it will be squared away by the start of the season. Also, with the free years they got there’s more people than numbers.


  3. Dawg in Austin

    Also considering the two of them are incredibly unlikely to see the field at the same time next year, it’s probably fine.