“… we didn’t even know who JT Daniels was.”

For a defensive oriented guy, Kirby Smart seems almost giddy about what his offense is showing him in the early going.

“Since I’ve been here, it seems like we’ve had a really experienced defense a couple of times, and a really experienced offensive maybe that one time Fromm was a (junior), but we didn’t have our wideouts back, so it’s pretty unique to have that much experience on offense,” Smart said. “It’s showed for two days; we’ve been behind defensively and been ahead offensively.”

It’s what we should be hearing, of course, given what’s returning on both sides of the ball, but it’s still a little jarring.  I mean, are we Georgia fans going to be allowed to have nice things this season?


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  1. Kirby knows he can build an elite defense over the next 5 months with the pure talent he has. He knows he needs to be elite on offense to get over the final hurdle. I’m betting he believes he has the scheme and the talent to do it.

    There’s a reason Monken never was a serious candidate for one of the openings last year. He knows what he has.

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    • Down Island Way

      Can this UGA football Offense make the UGA Defense better…if that happens, let me introduce you to Giddy Smart, Head Football Coach at UGA….

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    • Monken can wait for a good job, one with a handoff, vs stepping into a madhouse.

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    • bigjohnson1992

      I agree on Monken. He’s never had all these chess pieces to play with in his entire career. Why would he want to manage delegate recruit kiss ass etc as a head coach when he can just play and have fun with all this elite talent. I mean, look at the qb room for the next 4 hrs.


  2. MudCat's Mechanic

    I hope it all comes together. This could be a really, really great team.

    That said, my inner Munson and our past history always have me waiting for the balloon to pop and we crash back to reality.

    Go Dawgs!

    Tyler Simmons was onside.

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  3. Terry McCullers

    O God no injures please!

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  4. armydawg

    He knows who JT is now; and soon the world will know.

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  5. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    You have been Thunderstruck!
    Dawgs post game message to opponents in 2021

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  6. Russ

    Having a competent QB throw to all our great receivers during spring and fall practice will only help our defense.


  7. No. We are Georgia. We don’t get to have nice things. Now go to your room and play with your cardboard box. It will build character.

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  8. W Cobb Dawg

    I’m not buying the notion the D is so inexperienced. At CB, yes. But Christopher Smith played while LaCounte was out last year. Smith and Brini are seniors. Walker, Tindall, Beal and Nolan Smith aren’t newbees either. We may have the best DL in cfb. There is loads of talent on this D. They should be giving the O one heckuva fight.


  9. bigjohnson1992

    I mean, are we Georgia fans going to be allowed to have nice things this season?

    Great question that we all ask ourselves before every season. And the answer always seems to be … maybe next year.