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State of the East, continued

As a follow up to yesterday’s post about the quality of the SEC East going into this season, it’s worth noting, as macondawg does here, that Georgia is the only team in the division the returns both of its coordinators.  (That factoid probably deserves as asterisk, as Florida’s OC doesn’t call plays.  Then, again, Florida is the only team in the division that returns Todd Grantham as its defensive coordinator.  But I digress.)

If continuity is your big thing — and a lack of it sure bit Georgia in the butt last season, offensively speaking — then this, too, seems noteworthy:  Georgia and Missouri are the only two teams in the East to return their starting quarterback and head coach from 2020.  That makes for an awful lot of new faces trying to make their way around America’s Toughest Conference first time around.

Sure, somebody out of that entire bunch could unexpectedly catch fire.  I’d probably argue that’s more likely than not, considering how many changes we’re looking at in the division.  But enough for a team to mount a serious challenge to Georgia in 2021?  Outside of the Gators, I just don’t see it.

Hell, Jeff Dantzler would tell you it’s a throwaway year for half of the Dawgs’ opponents in the division.  One thing Kirby’s got to prepare for is to make sure his team doesn’t fall asleep at the switch against the likes of South Carolina, Tennessee or Vanderbilt.  Admittedly, there are worse things to worry about, but still…



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Just like me

E.J. Liddell plays basketball for Ohio State, which lost its March Madness opener.  The social media reaction he received as a result was, at the least, none too friendly.

I only mention this because of a comment at the blog a couple of days ago to the effect that paying players offends some who wish to maintain the belief they’re like the players because they’ve gone to the same school.

Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t think that’s how it works these days.


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