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Before there was Booch…

… the Zooker used to lead the SEC in empty expressions.

Screenshot_2021-03-23 Wes Brown on Twitter

It’s good to see the man hasn’t lost his touch.



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Talent will out.

A reminder of why the same teams make the CFP year after year ($$):

That’s what happened during the 2021 cycle. As of now, 57 of the top 100 players in the country signed with one of six schools: Ohio State, Clemson, Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma and LSU. And when five-star defensive tackle J.T. Tuimoloau signs, it will most likely be 58. That means just about 60 percent of the most elite players in the country wound up at six programs.

And playoff expansion won’t do a damned thing to change that.  It’ll only make the elite teams play an extra game to get to the semis.


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The manball torch has been passed?

I hope that somebody loves you the way Mike Bobo loves him some fullback.

Shades of Smart-esque “impose your will”.


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“Instead of, ‘Hey, Emory’s the starter, you’re the backup’ we need two starters…”

Let’s check in on the quarterback whisperer, to see how he’s getting Florida’s successor to Trask ready for game play:

Coming out of spring ball, there are plenty of things Jones can work on. He was a little shaky in terms of accuracy early in spring ball, but Mullen said he developed as spring went on and is starting to learn how to put certain touch on different throws as he gets more reps within the offense.

Three years in the program, and he’s just now starting to learn how to throw with touch?  Ho-kay, Danno.

And before you say “aha, told you it would be Richardson!”, if it’s taken Jones three years to learn how to throw, what makes you think Richardson’s gonna nail it in a few weeks?

“I talked to the guys today and — yesterday really it was about it — about quarterbacks and receivers right now, you have April, May, June and July, you have four months where you guys can get out there, you get your timing down, you get that exactness down, you get comfortable with each other and where you’re going to be and how you’re going to make the throws and you get the communications down, beyond the coaching where you guys have that kind of feel of how guys are, where they’re going to be on field. I think that’s a huge part for those guys moving forward.”

“Y’all figure it out over the summer” is a helluva plan.  I see where Mullen gets his reputation from.


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O-line, whoa line?

Okay — who’s in the mood to do some random speculating about who’s gonna be Georgia’s starting five on the offensive line come the opener?

Start with this:

I tend to believe the coaches are going to lean in the direction of experience in picking the five to block Clemson, so I think the odds that Jones and Mims are going to be the starters at tackle are slim, to say the least.  But I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see them there by season’s end.  That would also give them the opportunity to slide Salyer to guard, which is where I think his future lies.

Your thoughts/speculation?


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Of all the college towns in all the world…

… Auburn, Alabama is certainly one of them.


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