Not so fast, my young friend

Before you pin Amarius Mims’ name to the starting offensive line, keep in mind that his head coach has a general skepticism about true freshmen being SEC-ready.

“Young being mid-year it’s hard to tell,” Smart said recently when asked if he can tell who had taken full advantage of winter workouts. “The biggest discrepancy in our mid-year enrollees and our young players is usually strength at point of attack. They’re just not strong. I’m not gonna call names but we’ve got a lot of guys out there that are mid-year enrollees that are maybe talented enough, but they’re not ready to take on a Justin Shaffer or a Jamaree Salyer or a George Pickens or whoever it is, Jordan Davis. They’re not going to walk out there and be able to do that.”

That isn’t to say it’s impossible, but…

Smart can recall times in his career, whether as an assistant coach or a head coach, where he has had no choice but to look at an early enrollee as a potential starter or major contributor. There have been times when, due to lack of depth at a certain position, that he knew that he’d have to rely on a mid-year guy whether he was ready at that point or not. If that player wasn’t ready, Smart knew he’d have to get him ready.

The offensive line may have issues, but depth isn’t one of them.  If Mims cracks the starting five, it’ll be quite a credit to his talent.


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10 responses to “Not so fast, my young friend

  1. Herschel didn’t start his first game either.

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  2. Down field blocking?


  3. Terry McCullers

    Correct me but didn’t Andrew Thomas and Trenton Sturidfent start as true freshman?

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    • Yes – they also ended up as Freshman All-Americans

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    • Greg

      Yep….but more out of necessity. They turned out to be great, great players IMO.

      But we have the luxury of not having to do that…..Dawgs are deep, thanks to Kirby & staff.

      I believe Jones and Mims will get some playing time early, but don’t look for them to start. Eventually they will, but probably not against a team like Clemson.

      Can see Jones eventually taking over at left tackle, thinks he is a little quicker and more athletic than Mims……Mims will probably be looked at, at right tackle.

      Great problem to have.

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    • W Cobb Dawg

      Yes, and on the D side of the ball, Jalen Carter didn’t lack for strength last summer.

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  4. 123 Fake St

    I don’t see him playing tackle at all this year. He’s just not going to be ready for the competition. He played in one of the worst classifications in the state. Watch his highlights. They’re great until you notice the DL he just pancaked was a 5’10” 175 lb guy named Shiloh or Brayden.

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    • Hunkering Hank

      I tend to agree on the competition comment. There is a TREMENDOUS difference between A ball and 7A ball. Of course, all classifications of Georgia high school football have ballers, but the difference in average size along the line of scrimmage, if nothing else, from A to 7A is enormous. It’s another hill to climb for a small classification high school player – not that it cannot and has not been done. I hope he climbs it quickly and dominates. He certainly has the physical tools.

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