Return of the toss sweep

We all know what an anomaly the 2020 season was.  Aside from the effects of the pandemic on Georgia’s practice schedule, the program was also breaking in a new offensive coordinator and a new o-line position coach.  Change was inevitable, but the pace of that change was affected by the nature of the season.

Here’s one example of that:


I believe it was mentioned in the o-line post from the other day that Luke prefers his linemen pulling, whereas Pittman took more of a straight-ahead power approach.  I think it’s pretty obvious that change will impact the choices made for the starting five on the offensive line this season.  I’d say it’s also pretty obvious Georgia will have a healthy dose of the toss sweep in its game plan this year.


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  1. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    Caveat: I played guard in HS. IMHO pulling is over rated. Defenses are taught (or at least were back then) that if “your” guy didn’t hit you to watch where he goes and run to that spot. Plus, it’s awfully hard to pull and then lay a block on a smaller, shiftier player like a DB who often can run around the block and still make the tackle. I agree with Pittman. Straight ahead hat on a hat blocking works best.


    • BA Baracus

      I definitely don’t have any personal experience to speak from here, but from watching the plays in the video above, it sure looks like we had more success with the toss once we started getting some pulling linemen on the edge, for whatever reason. Maybe it’s coincidence. Either way, as long as we get it blocked and let those backs hit the edge, it’s a beautiful sight to my eyes.

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    • While the DB is running around, our RB is running by. Buh bye.


    • bigjohnson1992

      D linemen are not taught to run with pulling lineman. Maybe high school. They are taught contain and edges. Too much misdirection and qb run read in college.


  2. MGW

    Big fan of a successful toss sweep. Love seeing a couple linemen turning the corner ahead of the back looking for LB/DB’s to flatten. If one of em gets a pancake and keeps on running looking for another victim? Hoo boy that’s the good stuff.

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  3. I don’t particularly care one way or the other. I do know that starting in 2017, the inside zone blocking was a little less good every year. We just didn’t get up to the LB like we did that year. Don’t know if that is OL play or if teams just figured something out.


  4. akascuba

    For me there is no single play more Georgia than the toss sweep. If we are RBU we need to own that play and make opposing DC`s fear it. When done correctly fans on both sides hold their breath every time they see the play opening up.

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    • Down Island Way

      How much influence/input/say does Madman Monken have in what style of blocking scheme goes with his plan of play calling, once opposing dc’s quit leaning on 8 in the box, the blocking scheme should change also, allowing the UGA O-Line getting into that next level of blocking…

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    • MGW

      It’s that “uh oh” moment when they get outside the tackle and there’s clearly at least as many blockers as defenders, and a few yards of grass beyond the line of scrimmage between them.

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  5. Dawg in Austin

    Dear 8 lbs 6 oz baby Jesus, please give us some counter toss sweeps with Jamaree Salyer smothering a safety on the outside. And some pin and pull action too? Thank you.

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  6. Russ

    I love the toss sweep and with the wealth of running backs and OL we have, we should be running it consistently.

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  7. How about a return of play action pass? Do whatever works but I never thought I’d see Georgia nearly abandon it. I get the feeling that monken isn’t about the longer developing plays like play action or the toss sweep. Not that he’s 100% against them but last year’s offense seemed to hit holes quicker and get rid of the ball quicker when passing. Or at least once JT took over and the offense seemed to find more balance.


  8. rigger92

    Pulling or Straight? I’ve never played the game but it seems to me that moving the LOS laterally is a good thing to do now and then? I just hope that our line is good at it all. The lack of explosive runs over the past two years has frustrated me, but yeah, comparing Michel and Chubb to Swift may not be fair.


  9. bucketheridge

    The return of the sweep in those last few games was one of the bright spots of the season for me. As someone mentioned above, the toss sweep is almost certainly the most “Georgia” play there is.

    We are one of a very few left that run it, and we have run it very, very well especially in the recent past. Watching Gurley or Chubb make their quick cut upfield and then accelerating for long touchdowns was a thing of beauty. Most backs try to beat everyone to the edge, but we’ve been blessed with backs who have the patience and ability to make a cut up field and take it the distance.

    It may just be cherry picking in my mind, but it seems like we were good for a long one every game when we had Gurley and Chubb on the field. It was a big play waiting to happen.

    Here are a couple of links to the master breaking it down. The concepts hold up very well to this day, and I love how he drills in the concept that a team’s identity can be found in their bread and butter play. I love these clips.

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  10. archiecreek

    I played offensive line in high school in the 1970’s. I just absolutely loved to pull, usually in association with a trap or counter play. I vividly remember playing one team that had superior athletes to our team. Our coach said we’re not going to sweep and we’re not going to pass. We’re going to trap their ass, counter their ass, double team their ass, then run right up their ass. It worked, superior athletes don’t like linemen or ends crashing them. They have to keep their heads on a swivel and slows them down!!