“They are like two peas in a pod, honestly.”

Boom and Kirbs, a buddy movie for the 2020s.  Oy.

If Uncle Verne were still around, it would make for 2021’s latest drinking game every time he worked a Georgia broadcast.


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  1. armydawg

    Things will be just fine as long as boom keeps in mind that Kirby is the “Alpha” pea in the UGA pod.

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    • Spell Dawg

      Kirby is not a robot like Saban or Belichick. Does Kirby have the coach-killer instinct when it comes to friends? I don’t know, pretty sure he hasn’t fired anyone up to this point (he has demoted and probably encouraged some to find work elsewhere). Boom is radioactive right now, no P5 team is giving him an HC role. If he’s picky about his offers (and why wouldn’t he be, he’s making early-termination bank) I could see him hanging around UGA and working his way up to DC as others move on. Could we see another “Free Willy” situation? Obviously hope not, but it remains to be seen…


      • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

        This reads like a ton of projecting to me.

        Boom isn’t “radioactive,” he’s a respected defensive mind. He’s at Georgia because his kid is here. Period.

        He could’ve found a DC job anywhere in the country where there was an open DC job. They would’ve welcomed him back to Texas with open arms.

        Is Boom the personification of the Peter Principle? Sure. Can he succeed as a head coach? He’d probably do okay at a G5 school. Will he go on just being a DC? Most likely. This nonsense about being radioactive is bunk. You, me, and everyone will be happy if Boom becomes our DC if Lanning leaves, so let’s leave it at that.

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        • Spell Dawg

          Projecting? I’m not a head coach of anything nor am I currently employing any friends. Ton of hypotheticals, maybe? Sure.

          Could he have found DC work immediately at a P5? Possibly, but (1) I don’t think he wants to be a DC right now, and (2) he’s already run the DC->HC->DC->HC route and badly tanked at least two of them. In the Saban Coach-Reformation model, his next role pretty much had to be an Assistant if he wants a shot at another HC role.

          I’m not so quick to buy back into Boom, doesn’t mean I don’t want to, but people change as they gain power and control. He wasn’t great at Auburn, not by a long shot.


          • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

            Dude, he was at Auburn for one year.

            Again, what you wrote about him reads like projecting, because it’s more about how you feel than the reality of how he’s viewed in CFB.

            Some guys aren’t made to be head coaches and some know that (Bud Foster) while others have to fail a couple of times wearing the big boy pants before they figure it out as someone like Buddy Ryan had to do back in the day.

            Either way, if Boom wanted a DC job, he could’ve gotten one. He isn’t radioactive, he’s “living that buyout life” in Athens, the best college town in America, and gets to do it with a low pressure job hanging with one of his best friends and his kid who is a walk-on at his alma mater.


            • Spell Dawg

              Dude, he sucked it up that one year. Auburn would likely have un-fired Ellis if they knew how Boom would work out.

              Whatever, whatever, and whatever, my hypothetical was what if Boom gets elevated to DC and sucks, does Kirby have it in him to fire him faster than Richt fired Willy? Does Kirby give him a hall pass on a shitty year because he really likes and believes in him? That’s it, and nobody knows the answer of how Kirby will treat close friends in coaching positions yet, but with Bobo and Boom orbiting ever closer to Kirby’s star, we are likely find out in a few years.


            • James A Mercer Jr

              He was DC at Texas with Mac Brown, who doesn’t suffer fools, and was the “coach in waiting” with a damn good salary for the time. Ambition, and the chance to return to the SEC lured him away to Florida. He’s had some bad luck as HC with no real talent pool to aid him. He’s content now to recover in a position and at a school he can relate to and enjoy. IF Lanning should go in the next year or two and IF UGA stays in the position if currently hold or improves, I see Boom getting the opportunity to take the DC role. Having the family in a good place goes a long way, too.


        • Harold Miller

          I would reserve “radioactive” for Miles and Briles. Should be Freeze as well, but he keeps winning.


  2. Gaskilldawg

    When imagining Verne on this topic also imagine it if Muschamp’s first name was “Kirby. “

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  3. Down Island Way

    Butch Smart and the Sundance Boom, coming to a stadium this fall, you’ll laugh and love them, you’ll swear at them, they will ride into your city and steal victory from your team, then give back to their own…

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  4. practicaldawg

    “The sideline mannerisms of Smart and Muschamp are similar, as well. Both have exhibited great intensity and emotions on the SEC sidelines over the years.”

    One of them even turned into The Incredible Hulk once.


  5. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)


  6. Butler Reynolds

    The similarities don’t end there. For example, they both wear pants and they’ve been seen on the sidelines with shirts on.


  7. californiadawg

    ““Coach Muschamp is a really good dude, he’s been helping all the young guys a lot, making sure we all know what’s going on,” UGA cornerback. “Him and Coach Smart are real cool, it’s good to have them off.”

    Dawgnation is such trash. It’s a minor miracle when they actually drop an article that’s not littered with typos and misnamed players. They make the Red and Black look like the Economist.

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