“Well, it’s JT’s job.”

Kirby Smart spent a few minutes talking with Matt Chernoff about “… coming off the 2020 season, actually having a spring for practice, second year of Todd Monken as offensive coordinator and more…”.

As the header indicates, Smart isn’t going to pretend there’s some sort of competition going on for the starting quarterback job this offseason, which is a different approach than he’s taken in previous years.  There’s also some interesting talk about how much autonomy Todd Monken has, which I’ll leave you to judge.  Give a listen.


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5 responses to ““Well, it’s JT’s job.”

  1. rugbydawg79

    Thanks Senator…Sounds like Todd has free rein to me. Kirby seemed relaxed that was a good interview.

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    • Russ

      Yep, good interview. Maybe he’s getting more comfortable with the press.

      Not sure I buy his line about not paying attention to the manball narrative. I liked what he said about team first will insure everyone is successful.


  2. armydawg

    Well, we all knew it was JT’s job, but his confirming it this early just reinforces that to the team and “especially” JT. He can relax and concentrate on the offense, his mechanics and getting on the same page with the receivers and TE’s. Monken runs the offense and Kirby will keep his hands off. The Clemson game will tell us all we need to know going forward. Gonna be fun!


  3. akascuba

    Thank you posting that interview its a side of Kirby we rarely get to hear.
    I liked his take on getting everyone to play to their best ability. Given the talent pool he has to work that is a mighty high bar he seems very comfortable with.
    As for the offense I believe Monken has the keys and it
    s his to drive as he sees fit. Now saying that I dont for a minute think Kirby won`t give his personal insight. Kirby has tremendous insight to offer any OC and certainly not afraid to do so.
    This is the season Kirby has been building toward. With a full spring and Jamie Newman starting game one we might have seen his vision last year.


  4. 123 Fake St

    This is great to hear.