Embracing the suck, NIL edition

Question for y’all…

Forget the men’s versus the women’s aspect of this for a sec.  Which football program will be the first to recognize that promising to help recruits build their brand by spending money to market them would pay off in recruiting and why is it Alabama?


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  1. HirsuteDawg

    Because Mr. Saban has already hired 20 “consultants” for that operation while the rest of the SEC (and college football) is standing around looking at each other.

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  2. ASEF

    The big brand programs have a huge leg up on this. And I guarantee the high profile programs are already figuring out all the angles.

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  3. Look out for Notre Dame. Heck, now you get to be IN the commercials during the exclusive Saturday NBC broadcast.

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  4. TN Dawg

    Bama is at the head of that list.

    But Oregon would certainly be in the conversation.


  5. theotherdoug

    Kirby will be out front on this too, but what about Mullen?


  6. We have one of the best Marketing education schools including a Masters in Brand Management program supported by some of the top global companies. Surely we’ll find a way to put this to work. (BBA Marketing – ‘85)

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  7. MGW

    Here’s how you do it. Pay attention, it’s real complicated: you stay the hell out of the way and let kids sign with whatever marketing/PR/sports agency they want.

    If it’s a distraction, the player will suffer the consequences with his team/personal brand/career the same way he would with any other distraction.


  8. snoopdawgydawg

    Kirby has probably already coordinated with the Terry School to develop a sports marketing and brand management track for university credit to focus on building brands for student athletes. Since they’d be students, under the leadership of a professor, they could be provided for free to the students, so it’s not managed by an agent. Allows the spirit of amateurism to continue, get real world experience to the students, and drive opportunities in partnership with the athletic association.

    If not, here’s the free idea Josh Brooks. Go build it.

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  9. Derek

    If we knew it was Alabama, then why have we been promoting NIL ad nauseum Agent Blutarsky?!?!?


  10. Ozam

    I understand this is all inevitable. However, the law of unintended consequences looms large. Kids built up by media hype and promotion are going to crash and burn.


  11. W Cobb Dawg

    A wake up call is coming. Those Title IX suits are gaining traction across the nation. It’s going to be equal NIL promotion programs for female athletes AND equal facilities for women’s teams.


    • Not so fast, my friend. There’s binding case law that says Title IX requires equal opportunity, not equal spending.


      • Tony BarnFart

        But isn’t what dude said in the linked tweets on the rocky road of interpretation…….at what point does spending (or lack thereof) merge into opportunity (or lack thereof) ?

        Makes me think this thing is going to turn into a Megan Rapinoe’esque shitshow, but since we’re dealing with universities….. and no booster / sponsor wants to get cancelled……. just to shut everybody up, this will somehow all get backdoored into subsidizing NIL opportunities for a lady basketball player that simply would not exist in the free market. It may even just be the benevolence of the big booster who is either begged or tarnished.

        And it may be 3 degrees of clever accounting, but at some point dude who just wants to watch football is going to end up paying for this.


        • ….at what point does spending (or lack thereof) merge into opportunity (or lack thereof) ?

          I don’t know what to tell you… case law says they’re two different things. Period.

          Don’t you guys have enough to fret about already without worrying about hypothetical shit?

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          • Tony BarnFart

            Who is “you guys?”

            I thought the Solomon tweets were sort of teeing up a discussion to maybe include hypos, no ?


            • There’s established case law, on point. The only way your hypo has any possibility of becoming a real worry is if a lawsuit is filed seeking to throw out a 20+ year precedent and the SCOTUS agrees to take the case and overturn the law.

              Tell you what — when that happens, we can discuss your hypo. Until then, it’s just needless fretting.


              • Morris Day

                The recent kerfuffle over the NCAA basketball tournament’s “weight rooms”… was that about “equal opportunity or equal spending”? Not a snarky question. Earnestly asking?


                • The NCAA is under no legal obligation to equalize spending between the two.

                  However, as an association that routinely claims that amateurism is what allows it to spend sufficiently on non-revenue producing sports, I’d say it’s got something of an ethical obligation to do so. (I know, I know — The NCAA? Ethics?)

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      • J.R. Clark

        Either Title IX obligations apply to all NIL payments or else Title IX financial proportionality (which the regs reference re: “financial assistance”) stops once compensation crosses from financial assistance into pure ( & taxable) compensation.

        So you either put aside a portion of the individual athletes’ market value payments for cross-gender matching, or allow markets to operate without the need for such set-asides.


  12. dawgphan34

    How long before some coach is yelling about the best way to build your brand is to get in the weight room?


  13. sniffer

    Auburn. Bama will be strong but nobody’s going to throw money around like Auburn. IMO.

    ps. bama will get more bang for their buck


  14. CB

    The fact that every football coach in America isn’t publicly supporting NIL blows my mind. Whether it happens or not it’s a recruiting no brainer.


    • TN Dawg

      If every school embraces it, how is it a recruiting enticement?

      And the GA legislature says the NIL can not be used as a recruiting enticement.


      • CB

        Publicly supporting legislation? The NCAA isn’t smart enough to get anyone there. Too busy writing up penalties for impermissible bagel spreads.