“He’s a different kind of matchup guy.”

One little tidbit that Smart mentioned in yesterday’s presser that probably didn’t get much attention because the Pickens injury sucked all the oxygen out of the tent was that Darnell Washington is still growing.

How big is it for Darnell Washington to go through first spring with the team?
“It’s big for everybody to go through spring, right? I mean, it’s a huge deal to get the spring practice. It really would have been his first spring practice anyway. He’s grown a lot. He’s a lot smarter. He’s in better condition. He’s in better mental toughness state. Part of being a good player is pushing through practice and being able to sustain. He struggled to sustain through tough practices last year. He’s done that this year. He’s practiced a little harder. He’s doing some good thing. He’s still really big. He’s 275, 280 pounds. He’s a different kind of matchup guy.”

He’s put on another 15-20 pounds!  Assuming he’s done so without a loss of speed or flexibility, Washington may very well be the scariest offensive player in the SEC this season.  And I’m here for that.


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  1. RangerRuss

    6′ 7″ and 280 pounds. As in pounds the DBs. Get that man the ball early and often. That should soften up the secondary for all sorts of mischief in the second half. Forty-five years later I still hurt from an encounter with a TE a bit smaller than Washington.

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    • Down Island Way

      “He’s grown a lot.”….this scared me and I’m 750 miles away from Athens Town

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    • 81Dog

      He’s a tackle with good hands who runs like a deer. Good luck with that match-up.

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      • Russ

        Yeah, I’m worried that’s what has Kirby all excited. He’s just about full grown tackle size.


        • ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

          Dooley would have moved him to tackle. Really. No snark.

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          • RangerRuss

            They didn’t make many that big and athletic back then. In the 82 Sugar Bowl Keith Jackson described Bill Fralic (RIP, Falcons) as a monster at 6′ 5″ 270lbs. The Dawgs have one O lineman smaller than that this year and I don’t believe Dalton Perry is a candidate for starter.

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Wuh! Freight train at speed.


  3. 0 could be a monster on either side of the ball. He is going to be a match-up nightmare in the middle of the field.

    At the end of the season, people may be saying, “Kyle who? or Arik who?

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    • miltondawg

      If Washington plays well and if Monken schemes him to get the ball and if JT throws it to him, Washington may well get himself into position to be a assured top 10 and possibly top 5 NFL draft pick…like Kyle Pitts. Pitts is 6’6″ and 250 and ran a 4.46 40 which is better than Washington’s 4.75. Pitts’ speed and size got him a nearly 18 yards per catch average last season. If Washington is in that range with 35 plus catches, his slower speed won’t matter with his bigger frame and size because he’ll cause DB and LB nightmares all season.


  4. akascuba

    TE the lost position in our play book for years it`s been promise unfulfilled.

    Here`s hoping the young man has a monster season to match his size.

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  5. Godawg

    They may have to put another “0” o n his jersey.

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  6. jsteph1967

    He could be Gronk. Seriously, that was the Gronk thing, just big and strong and run people over.

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  7. My favorite recruit of last year, and my maybe my favorite players of the year. 0 is throwing DBs around like giant. The DBs looked somewhat like “uh, what do we do”. I wondered what a full year would look like. And a full year looks like “we can make him bigger, stronger, faster:” Gronk was mentioned above – gronk was a TD machine because such a mismatch and such a big target in the red zone. Play after play Brady can look to a guy, not liking it, oh, theres gronk, just throw it close.

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  8. W Cobb Dawg

    When I read “still growing” I had a vision of Washington at 6’10” or 7’0″ with the ability to kick over small buildings. Paul Bunyan with a football…

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  9. practicaldawg

    Can’t wait to see Washington get matched with 5’10” CBs on 3rd and Grantham


  10. Ran A

    He’s a different cat. I thought he would have a monster year with Pickens in the line up. Still think that will happen. This is not the offense from two years ago. This is a multi-facet offense with “pick your poison” on who you are going to try and defend. If the ball is properly thrown, Washington is almost unstoppable from catching the ball.


  11. Tony BarnFart

    We all beg for the tight ends every year……but man, i really think this could be the year we really see it in spades. He was a man amongst boys in the passing game as a freaking true freshman. He’s so physically dominant it’s almost f***-up proof to just lob the ball his way. But boy, with the ball in open space, it’s a sight to behold…….. i would even run a few TE screens just to get him the ball easily.

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  12. Go from 1 second to 2 second frame by frame and watch the dbl team right side pick up the LB – sweet baby jesus that is hot fire. The good blocking does so much there. But wait – theres more, Cooks release pulls a guy across to the bottom of screen, left side just cleaning the middle. JT now has a big big window to a big big guy that is breakiing free of his single coverage, the safety then see it and reacts, and 0 runs over the safety.

    Its no dang wonder I like this play so much. The Mad Monken is just mad genius, and this play went exactly like the chalkboard. Too bad Darnell didnt get a TD out of it, it would be up there with he’s running over people.


  13. Terry McCullers

    280 lbs for a tight end? Holy shit!


  14. Hobnail_Boot

    If he improves his route running, he’ll be a nightmare.


  15. bigjohnson1992

    Dude is a beast. I want him to break every tight end record on our books. Being that tall, I worry about people going at his knees.