I have not come to mock your Daily Gator.

But to praise this guy for an informative post.  Seriously.

Check out this chart comparing Florida’s four best seasons from a net yardage standpoint with the 2020 performance, which was Florida’s third best season ever in offensive yardage per game.

Screenshot_2021-03-26 “The offense will be better in 2021” “Trask lost four games”

Todd Grantham is the man.

I just hope like hell nobody shows it to Dan Mullen.


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  1. Greg

    I know he broke a school record for points allowed at UGA (‘13??), thinks he did the same at Florida.

    He’s consistent, he has that going for him.


    • That may be true, but I think one of those $#i++y Ray Goff defenses from the 90s may have him beaten for points per game.

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      • Greg

        Was beginning to doubt myself, so I looked it up:

        Most Points Allowed in a Season:

        7 games – 92 in 1903
        8 games – 171 in 1901
        9 games – 126 in 1914
        10 games – 184 in 1951
        11 games – 293 in 1990
        13 games – 377 in 2013

        Highest Average Points:

        7 games – 13.1 in 1903
        8 games – 21.4 in 1901
        9 games – 14.0 in 1914
        10 games – 18.4 in 1951
        11 games – 26.6 in 1990
        13 games – 29.0 in 2013

        This info is from Georgiadogs.com. If it is all correct, looks like “Granthamitt” owns it all by himself (per game & season):

        Click to access download_file.ashx

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        • Greg

          Looks as though it linked wrong. Try this, then click on team records:



          • ben

            What happened in 2013 is criminal, especially considering what the offense was doing even with decades-worth of injuries for a single program.

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        • Towel Boy does have the record … 26+ per game in the game of 1990 is still seriously bad.

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          • Greg

            Richard Bell……gotta be bad if you can out do him.

            “Granthamitt” keeps breaking records and keeps getting jobs with raises.

            I’m in the wrong business.

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            • Richard Bell would probably be giving up 40+ per game in today’s world … Towel Boy had his challenges, but Bell was just downright bad.

              A good poll would be worst DC in Georgia history:
              Richard Bell
              Kevin Ramsey
              Willie Martinez
              Todd Grantham

              My vote would go to Bell.

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              • Greg

                “Cool Breeze” for me…..maybe if he would have stayed a little longer he would have proven out…


              • Faltering Memory

                I could almost agree but I can’t get that AU game out of my mind. The boos. The look on Grant’s face. Just awful to be there, to remember it.

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              • akascuba

                Your list nails it pretty darn good. Grantham has certainly stepped up his game since moving on from CMR’s staff. I’m hoping he continues to get himself into the record books with more epic fails.

                Thinking of epic failures Auburn game when Ramsey was relieved of of duties at halftime by the former DC who had be demoted to allow Ramsey to move from UT. I may the facts of that game a little blurry I’ll admit to heavy drinking a violation of stadium rules in the first half. Seems it was about 28-0 pretty quickly.


                • Greg

                  Believe that was the Purdue bowl game you are speaking of.

                  Drew Brees & Quincy matchup.

                  He got replaced by this fellow:

                  Shut them out the second half I believe….ended up winning.

                  “Cool Breeze” was a horrible hire.


      • 1990 is likely worse relative to the average scoring at the time, but going from memory, 2013 being worse than even the Cool Breeze season felt terrible (especially giving up 200 yds passing to a TO team in a half).


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    One of those things is not like the others. Tee hee hee.


  3. miltondawg

    I don’t have the time to go look, but I wonder how Alabama’s defense fared the last few seasons in comparison to earlier Saban defenses at Bama and LSU. While Grantham is certainly a clown and a suspect DC (and always has been), the game has changed so much that I would expect many teams have defensive numbers that a decade ago would have caused fans to storm the football building with torches and pitchforks.

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  4. practicaldawg

    Wish I could have been a fly on the wall of Spurrier’s press box when Florida’s defense was on the field last year

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  5. I am still totally surprised he is still DC, i felt like a) they could see it by now, and b) someone had to take a bullet.

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    • miltondawg

      If you read the linked thread you’ll see. The fans at least see it and know it. My favorite, “Grantham blew a good chance for a natty, all on him, he was terrible from the first play of the year to the last.”


      • RangerRuss

        I think cousin Eddie the Portalmaster keeps coach Choke around as a scapegator. As long as Grantham’s D is giving up over 400 ypg and 40 ppg the hapless, humpbacked Hogtown mayor can always blame him for losses. That’s shoe business folks.
        Fuck those motherfuckers.

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  6. junkyardawg41

    Looking back at the YPP delta changes —- UF dropped right around -.72 in their average the last 2 games they played:


  7. 123 Fake St

    Opening game this year: Ladies and germs of the Swamp™️, please give it up for your 2020 Co-SEC East Champs, Florduhhhhh Gaturds. Let’s show our appreciation for the 8-4 effort. And the jorts go wild……

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  8. Faltering Memory

    Been thinking about this fall’s Vandy game but readers here know I’m not that smart. WE all love road trips, Nashville being the favorite. Go on and go and have a great time. WE also enhoy taking over a stadium. Been there, done that and doing Vandy is nothing special. I suggest very strongly enjoy the town, don’t go to the game. Mark you paper money with a”G” so they know WE were in town. Let Vandy know WE didn’t buy their tickets, their programs, popcorn and peanuts, and drinks including beer or mixed drinks they may serve. Give Vandy no money and a good ass whipping for not showing up in Sanford.

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    • I want to see us drop 70 or 80 on them. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Candy close the stadium to fans again in 2021 if they can get away with it.

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    • Got Cowdog

      Since you mentioned it, the wife and I have a long weekend planned first week of May to Nashville. I’ve never been, but we love live music and are looking forward to it. Any Ideas from you guys about what to see and do, and has anyone been recently enough to see what things are like COVID-closed?


      • Rameses II

        I live in Nashville. Everything is open and the leftist mayor says he is going to allow the bars to start staying open longer, but it’s still nowhere near where it was pre-pandemic, both in terms of the number of people out and about, and the social distancing, masks, etc. Maybe it’s a little better by May, but it won’t be completely back to normal.


    • PTC DAWG

      F Vandy


  9. Good God, that 1995 season. Spurrier earned his bragging rights. Danny Weurffel was a great college quarterback.

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