Anchor down, boys.

Sensing weakness in Knoxville, Vanderbilt makes a play to become the preeminent football program in the state.

Vanderbilt announced a $300 million project Monday to improve football and basketball facilities and a new Vandy United Fund to raise money for athletics programs.

The Vandy United Fund already has $200 million committed with $100 million from the university along with $90 million from anonymous donors and another $10 million from John R. Ingram, a member of the Board of Trust and lead owner of MLS’ Nashville team.

Chancellor Daniel Diermeier said at a news conference that the Vandy United Fund represents the largest undertaking of its kind in Vanderbilt’s athletics history.

“This is a bold step,” he said, “but it’s also just the beginning of a longer journey.”

Athletic director Candice Lee said the initial work will focus on infrastructure for Vanderbilt’s athletes to improve their daily experience.

“There will be more things that come as a part of this broader scheme,” Lee said.

The first investment will be in football and basketball.

Football will get upgraded meeting rooms, offices, training room and expanded locker room and a full-length indoor practice field adjacent to the outdoor practice fields. Basketball will get dedicated practice courts for both the men’s and women’s teams, along with improvements to the weight room, locker rooms and offices.

I’m only being quasi-facetious.  There’s little question which school is in better shape, financially speaking.  It’s just that Vandy hasn’t been committed to football in a way to be relatively competitive.

No, I’m not predicting any SEC East titles in the near future, but it’s not like keeping up with Tennessee is that high a bar these days.


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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    So now every single athletics program in the SEC has had or has currently a Facilities Master Plan.

    Guess which athletics program in the SEC has never had and seems to be never will have an FMP, meaning all new projects are always behind the eight ball and more expensive than they should be because they’ve decided to do it piecemeal?

    Y’all get one guess only.


  2. practicaldawg

    Given that the season records are pretty similar for both schools, Vandy is going to look like a much better deal for the typical student athlete who values a degree.

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  3. Can Candy become an SEC Stanford in football? Probably not – Stanford is committed to winning Pac 12 championships. Can they become a Wake Forest where they could be a tough out? That’s what they were under Douche Bag Franklin.


  4. But they are going to keep that jack leg basketball arena? LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

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  5. akascuba

    If your a UT fan and your past ten years can be summed up with they split 50/50 with Vandy in football times are really bad. Knowing Vandy has now decided to actually compete in the CFB. Rocky Top is if possible sliding even faster to the bottom of the SEC. HAHAHA

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    • Russ

      I’d say I hate to see it except I love to see it.

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      • Down Island Way

        With vandy threatening vast improvement schemes and FU closing the talent gap on UGA football, #AUBURN SUCKS ! is again the prettiest little cesspool around (bobo ?)…the north avenue fucking trade school recruiting punters and place kickers like never before, mizzou just completed some form of reflective turf renovation, uk grocery shops at their field of play….I’d say we got em where we want em, in the cross hairs of 40 and 50 point margin wins by the 2021 UGA football scoring machine…..


  6. Anon

    If we don’t thump their ass 60-0 next game in will find it hard to think Kirby is the right guy for the job at UGA. Send a f’ing message


  7. HirsuteDawg

    “but it’s not like keeping up with Tennessee is that high a bar these days.”

    Damn, that was cold. True, but cold.


  8. Dawg19

    Tennessee has accepted the challenge of Vandy’s United Fund and has started their own fund headed up by George Costanza…


  9. 123 Fake St

    It’s like the stars are aligning for Vandy. They really do have an opportunity to turn the table on Big Urnge.
    Nashville is the fastest growing city in the South and is basically an ATL jr. I’ve noticed much more recruits are coming out of Nashville over the years. Very few come from East Tennessee.

    Plus, who doesn’t want a chance of blowing the admiral!?