If the SEC won’t go to a nine-game conference schedule…

… I guess this may turn out to be the next best thing.

Then again, this is the SEC we’re talking about.  A coherent approach to scheduling hasn’t been the conference’s strong suit for a while now.


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37 responses to “If the SEC won’t go to a nine-game conference schedule…

  1. 79dawg

    Wow, sometime in the next five years – bold prediction Cotton!

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  2. Ran A

    They should add the game – MAN this is frustrating.

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  3. artistformerlyknownasbman

    I think Greg McGarity proposed it before leaving the AD role, and it will call for Georgia to play Auburn on the road every year in order to host another SEC-West team every other year. /s (because when it comes to McGarity, the sarcasm isn’t always obvious)

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  4. gastr1

    Umm. Not “awhile now.” Ever.


  5. Derek

    If it means dropping the annual Auburn series, is that ok?

    I’d think not….

    Anyway they’d drop a division game to make it happen?

    Maybe everyone but UF and UT drops off on a four year rotating basis and we add another West team instead?

    I could live with that. Might make for an interesting tie breaker some day.

    But skipping Mizzou, UK, USC and Vandy once every so often works for me.

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    • hialtdawg

      Lol, we “already””dropped” Vandy for a season. Actually, as long as we get a trip to Nashville every other year and those despicable scum bags never set foot in Athens and we get a West Division visitor instead might be the play

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    • PTC DAWG

      Sounds fair enough to me…with UGA’s very aggressive OOC scheduling the 9 GAME SEC seems like a non starter for the Dawgs.


  6. miltondawg

    The only way to create a quicker turnaround with the other division is to add a third opponent from the other division so that there are two rotating and one permanent. What would also be on my wish list is that if you go to a 9 game SEC slate that everyone, at a minimum, is required to schedule a P5 opponent every year out of their remaining 3 games (whether like UGA, USCe, UF, UK, etc. that means a P5 OOC rival game or like aTm scheduling Texas annually or Bama’s usual inclusion in a kickoff game). While I would welcome having more great games like UGA and Clemson more frequently, if they go to a 9 game SEC schedule I have hard time believing the SEC would mandate more than one additional P5 game.

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  7. 79dawg

    Other than the numbers in the W column and in the bank account, all of the numbers for the cupcake games are going in the wrong direction…. Tells you all about the numbers that really matter (although I think the bank account numbers from the cupcake games are trending in the wrong direction)!


  8. hialtdawg

    Interesting – – a hot string of verbal commitments for the Dawgs and suddenly Alabama, Auburn and Florida all want to make sure UGA’s schedule gets tweaked a tad harder (that’s what she said).


  9. uga97

    Lost revenue from covid sure motivates


  10. Granthams Replacement

    My challenge to Josh Brooks – Auburn at UGA back to back.

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  11. siskey

    Maybe they will really be bold and go to pods. I would love to see us play the western teams with more frequency but do not want to prevent us from scheduling other Power 5 teams and Tech.

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    • Tony BarnFart

      Agreed, the 4 teams with historic (and permanent) non-conference in-state rivals don’t need the additional inflexibility of another slot permanently spoken for. We are going to get that extra quality game regardless.

      3-5 rotation. Auburn, Florida and South Carolina (but I don’t even care who the third one is.)

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      • siskey

        Yeah I’d even trade Auburn (because they are good) for Tennessee if I made the decision but I’d be happy with your rotation. It would be tough to lose Vandy and Kentucky but my guess is that we’d as often get a bad western team or two to make up for it.


  12. kingcmo2000

    If we aren’t going to 9 games the only way to do this is to change some currently permanent games to rotating. This sounds like UGA/AU is going to end up being every other year, or something. That would open up slots for 6 ‘rotating’ opponents every 4 years (1,2,1,2) plus the ‘permanent’, to get all 7 in a 4 year window.


  13. I think we’re getting ready to see the permanent division game go away. Bama, Auburn and Georgia are the only schools with a vested interest in the status quo. I bet Tennessee is ready to get Bama off their annual schedule. LSU and Florida aren’t natural rivals, and their fans would probably want more frequent trips to other venues over playing each other.

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  14. i feel fully confident UGA AU will come to an end one day. This is already in motion. I think Bama UT may also. But will Bama AU ever end as an annual? because thats the monkey in the mix.

    Also, there is no plan here nor a timeline. Its just talky talk.


  15. stoopnagle

    The best solution is pod scheduling. Georgia gets Florida, Auburn and South Carolina every year, the rotates through all the other teams.