“Burton screamed in pain… and had to be helped off the field.”

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— You can’t get players hurt in spring practice if you don’t have spring practice.

The football gods are screwing with us now.

Georgia wide receiver Jermaine Burton suffered a knee hyperextension in practice on Tuesday and had to be helped off Woodruff Practice Fields.

The injury was confirmed by Chris Claiborne, Burton’s coach at Calabasas (Calif.) High School. It was characterized by him and others who have been in contact with Burton as “not too serious.” However, he is expected to miss the rest of spring practice.

No other information was immediately available.

It could have been worse, and I’m glad he’ll be back, but, damn, maybe they need to put the receivers in bubble wrap for the rest of the spring.


UPDATE:  Breathe.


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44 responses to ““Burton screamed in pain… and had to be helped off the field.”

  1. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    thank goodness the players weren’t around in 2013 because those “outside the arena” are watching the sky fall.


  2. Oh Manball
    Well you came
    And you gave without taking
    But I sent you away
    Oh, Manball
    Well you kissed me
    And stopped me from shaking
    And I need you today
    Oh Manball

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  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Dad gummit!
    If they bubble wrap the receivers, some other group will start suffering injuries.


  4. jdawg108

    Did Herschel desecrate some Native American burial ground in 1980? How the hell are we this unlucky.

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  5. silvercreekdawg

    Both JB7 and GP1 were non-contact injuries. Not sure how putting them in bubble wrap prevents that.


  6. spur21

    It’s football – injuries happen every year to every team.

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    • Derek

      This is no time for a voice of reason.

      We’ve had (at least?) five wr legs busted in just over a year:

      Dom’s twice, then this

      And now Pickens and Burton.

      Now is the time for taking account of our life circumstances in a direct and honest way:

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  7. Let’s just hope Burton has a very low tolerance for pain and he just stretched his knee a bit. Hypertension does hurt like hell.

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  8. practicaldawg

    At least we’re not getting banged up at safety. For now.


  9. uga5150dawg

    If we lose any more WR we may have to change all the offensive tackles numbers to the 80’s and institute the ‘tackle eligible’ offense

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  10. Granthams Replacement

    Fucking snake bit.

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  11. Tim B

    Illustrates that the bounty of riches at wr is something of an illusion. Just that quickly we are down to one wr with any meaningful game experience. Also, among that tremendous freshman class from last year two have had significant knee injuries and the other broke and disclocated his ankle to such an extent that five months later he still isn’t able to work out with the team. Its looking like 2019 all over again.


    • Yep, I really hated every single “embarrassment of riches” comment, even though I know they were meant with good candor, because look how quick that changes.


  12. argondawg

    I went from looking forward to hearing as much as Kirby would let out about spring practice to just wanting it to get done with as few walking wounded as possible.

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  13. S&C and poor stretching? Players going to hard? Bad luck?

    Just dang.


  14. HirsuteDawg

    Every time we talk about the shoe incident, Eddie Haskel Mullins and Grantham go into the secret chamber under Florida Field, burn incense and a jockstrap, shakes a rattle made from a football helmet and chant “Gatorbait – Gatorbait”. Next thing we know, Boom! an ACL, a torn labrum, turf toe – you name it. Its all Florida’s fault.


  15. Jack Klompus

    I may need a Thunder Shirt.


  16. BuffaloSpringfield

    The “patience of Job.” To have a immense and unyielding degree of conviction and patience, especially in the face of problems and difficulties.
    A reference to Job, a biblical figure who’s absolute faith in God remained unshaken, despite numerous afflictions put upon him by himself, his family, his friends, his estate and satan himself.
    Thinking there no curse, bad luck. Bad officiating yea I will go there. Least you remember at the end of Job’s trials and tribulations he was rewarded twice fold. Ye of little Dawg faith. Ya gotta believe or you wouldn’t care. Remember Twice fold !

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  17. Who knows if it would happen, but I wouldn’t complain if the Dawgs could land Arik Gilbert now, and basically slot a ton of Pickens’ stuff his way. (And then hope that he doesn’t somehow inherit Mudcat’s car or something.)

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  18. Ozam

    J.J. Holloman is in the portal as a graduate transfer. I would take him back in a second. The dude paid for his transgression and he loves the Dawgs

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    • bigjohnson1992

      A sound, rational idea in theory. He HAS paid his dues and we could def use him. But there’s no coming back from beating a woman.


  19. californiadawg

    2-4 week recovery, won’t impact 2021 season per Twitter.

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  20. godawgs1701

    I, for one, don’t understand why Kirby insists on doing the barefoot slippery bathroom floor drill with these guys in practice. It’s not even a situation that’s ever going to come up in a game.

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