“Marco! Don’t go on Twitter!”

Marco Wilson thought about turning pro after the 2019 season, but decided to come back to Florida because, in part, “I really wanted to beat Georgia because I didn’t want to go 0-3 against those guys.”

Well, he got that.  But he also got this:

On third-and-10, Johnson threw a pass in the flat to Kole Taylor, and Wilson and Tre’Vez Johnson closed in fast. Taylor tried to hurdle them, but Johnson grabbed him high, and Wilson, who was on his knees, took hold of Taylor’s legs. They stopped him 6 yards short of the first down, and for a heartbeat, Wilson had helped save the game. But as he finished the tackle, Taylor’s size 14 Nike popped into Wilson’s hand.

Wilson was elated yet surprised. In 15 years of football, he’d never had someone’s shoe come off and into his hand.

“In that type of energy, what did people expect?” Wilson said. “Like I was going to hand it back nicely to him? I was super excited and I threw it. I didn’t purposely do it; it was just a reaction. It went pretty far. I mean, I didn’t think it would go that far. But it did.”

It might’ve gone unnoticed had it been a simple fling. But the shoe went at least 20 yards, and almost hit an official.

Referee James Carter announced the penalty.

“After the play, unsportsmanlike conduct … throwing an LSU player’s shoe 20 yards down the field. That’s his first unsportsmanlike conduct foul of the game. Automatic first down.”

Fair trade?


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32 responses to ““Marco! Don’t go on Twitter!”

  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Hahahahahahahahaha!!! 😂🤣😂

    But seriously, FTMF!

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  2. I would rather have had the win and the shot at Alabama with JT at QB. I thoroughly enjoyed how the Handbags lost to LSU with Dopey holding Pitts out of the game and, of course, the shoe-put.

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  3. Ran A

    Kirby actually came out and defended the kid. Said he was a really good player, a coaches son and came from a great family. Which I thought was pure class. Think Dan Mullen would have done the same? Me either.

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  4. Honestly, I believe him.

    In little league, my dad wasn’t part of my life, at all. Well, he came to one game. I was a wreck. I struck out. In my mind, I just underhand flipped the bat with my wrist (that much is mostly true). Well, said bat went about 15 yards and about hit my 1st base coach. Then I got to go sit in the truck and wait for said asshole.

    I dont think he was up to no good. but it was still funny.

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  5. Truly, the highlight of 2020 football season to me.

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  6. KornDawg

    Personally, I’m glad he came back. That shoe throw was the most satisfying part of the entire season for me. We would have lost to UF regardless, so at least I get the cleat toss.

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  7. Got Cowdog

    It wasn’t up to Marco, and that shoe didn’t just “pop” into his hand. The Karmic Bitchez put it there and Marco had about as much say in what was going to happen as I did from section HD. It was a glorious gator “foot” ball moment and one I’ll hold dear forever.
    I only wish there had been a camera on Dan as the scene unfolded.

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  8. spur21

    I feel bad for the kid (because of the attacks hurled at him) but love that it happened to the Gators.

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    • practicaldawg

      Honestly, I feel bad for all these kids that social media exists in their formative years. My best and worst moments in my college years stayed in my college years.

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  9. 81Dog

    What did people think he would do, just hand it back nicely?

    Yeah, dumbass. Just hand it back. Or drop it. But hey, you hit everyone to notice you by keeping it real. Congratulations. He may be a great kid, but he did a really stupid thing. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t seem to have learned anything from the consequences. Enjoy being a victim.

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  10. 123 Fake St

    Does 1-3 sound that much better?

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  11. originaluglydawg

    Have you seen any mfhandbags sympathizing with Pickens over his poor choices?
    Pickens actions didn’t cause Georgia to lose the game and a shot at a National Championship. Florida may have (?) gotten that shot because they played Alabama closer in the SECCG than any other team had all year.
    But that loss to LSU cost them that.
    LMAO…If I have any sympathy at all for Marco it is still so buried under the ten million laughs and feelings of glee I have enjoyed just thinking about all the handbag fans and how they must have felt, that I can’t find it.

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  12. Ozam

    Watching the game I thought to myself that was the most perfect referee description ever. Was the cherry on top! 🍒

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  13. originaluglydawg

    Those MFs can blame Marco all they want, but the truth is that the lizards pretty much sucked that whole game. They should never had been in a position to lose in the fourth quarter. But Dan had them right there!!! LMAO!
    LSU in an awful down year playing for nothing but pride, gave a team that was in the conversation for the playoffs all it could handle on their home field. That was some piss poor coaching (preparation) and it was a beautiful thing to see the MFs struggle for the whole game, gain hope they would pull it out only to have the end of a game go against them instead of for them for a change (I bet Kentucky fans loved it at least as much as I did).
    I still think Marco should enter the portal and seek a transfer to LSU where he would be welcomed and hailed as a hero!

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    • originaluglydawg

      I bet that brilliant Dan didn’t even prepare for LSU, or if he did it was a minimal amount. He probably was already practicing for Alabama, just knowing that LSU wasn’t going to be a threat.

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  14. practicaldawg

    What’s the old saying? Don’t throw shoes in glass houses? Or something like that.

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  15. Munsoning

    Yeah, throwing an opponent’s shoe twenty yards downfield is totally normal, Marco. People forget that one play before the Immaculate Reception Franco Harris threw both his shoes at John Madden. Happens all the time.


  16. stoopnagle

    LOL. Gators.


  17. uga97

    Thats what excuse culture looks like under mullett after a pathetic dogfight with a 3 win team in a a godawful showing at home. And how did they respond? 2 more losses including getting their doors blown off by a “down” Oklahoma team in the bowl. After all that, Gilligan Mullett & The Skipper are still bunking for 2021..it’s a thing of beauty.


  18. W Cobb Dawg

    Meh, I woulda blamed it on Grantham’s hand signal.