CFN predicts the SEC East.

Here’s what they see as the most likely scenario from a spring perspective:

  1. Georgia 11-1
  2. Florida 9-3
  3. Kentucky 7-5
  4. Missouri 7-5
  5. Tennessee 6-6
  6. South Carolina 5-7
  7. Vanderbilt 2-10

And here’s their breakdown on Georgia:

Georgia Bulldogs Football Schedule Analysis: If the opener against Clemson isn’t the biggest non-conference game of the college football season, that means something else will rise up and be really, really big. But that’s it. That’s the tone-setter. Pull that off, and it’ll be a 5-0 start before going to Auburn.

There’s no Alabama, LSU or Texas A&M from the West, but the Tennessee game is on the road and … split with Clemson and Florida, or win them both, and there’s no excuse to not be in the College Football Playoff mix.

Best Case Scenario: 12-0. It’s Georgia. It has the talent. It has the coaching. It has the ability to win every game if everything goes right. There will be a loss along the way, but is it good enough to beat Clemson? It’s close enough. Is it going to be good enough to beat Florida? Yeah. 11-1 is more likely, but this program is overdue to take that next step.

Worst Case Scenario: 8-4. Georgia could lose to both Clemson and Florida. On the wrong day it could drop the road date to Auburn, and maybe it could slip up against Tennessee on the road and/or Kentucky at home if the wheels fall off.

The worst case stuff is puzzling, at least if I’m supposed to take it as something more than a bunch of on any given Saturday coincidences.  It’s especially puzzling when you consider his worst cases for some of the other teams:  Florida 7-5; Kentucky 7-5; Tennessee 5-7.

Other than being a trifle optimistic about Tennessee and South Carolina, their overall calls look about right to me.  What say you?



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35 responses to “CFN predicts the SEC East.

  1. spur21

    8-4 they must have pulled out the dart board.

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    That fits Georgia. Sigh. They know what we should be, but . . . we’re still Georgia.


  3. psyopdawg

    Defense will be solid even though the backfield might be the weakest link.
    Injuries gets to the us the worst case scenario where the offense is not able to put up at least 35 a game. If we don’t have that ability, Clemson, Florida and UK not UT could be losses or bad wins.


    • Down Island Way

      When a team goes 15-0…are there bad wins…

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      • psyopdawg

        I suppose not but a few close wins, 12-0 going into the SECCG, and a loss there, could influence the committee and keep us out of the playoff if some of the other conferences like PAC12 or G5 (UCF) are impressive

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  4. I haven’t looked at the schedules in depth, but there’s no way this team goes 8-4 unless everything goes to hell. I have said from the end of the Peach Bowl that this team will be 11-1 and in a de facto national quarterfinal against Alabama in December. Nothing (not even the Pickens injury) changes that.

    No excuses.

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  5. Dawg in Austin

    I’ll pay everyone on this blog $20 if Georgia loses to Tennessee or Kentucky, or finishes 8-4. That’s idiotic.

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  6. whybotherdude

    With everyone leaving ut plus a new staff, 6-6 should be a best case.

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  7. practicaldawg

    I think he loses credibility on giving Tennessee 5 wins and suggesting they will be a difficult road test. Maybe he didn’t notice what happened there in the last few months.

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  8. If we lost to UT I’d likely be checked out for the rest of the year. and my overall care factor for the future would be knocked about 20 points. That is a gosh awful dumpster fire of a program with rats fleeing the sinking ship that is going to have a hard time filling 85 scholarships, with like zero blue chips and a handful of 4 starts. Losing to them would be Kirby’s biggest failure of 5 years.

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    • stoopnagle

      Good thing it’s the 10th game of the year then.


    • siskey

      I think this might be the worst Tennessee team of my lifetime. They may only win 2 games as I could see them managing to lose to South Alabama and I think Pitt will be a touchdown or more favorite.


  9. biggusrickus

    It seems to me that a realistic worst case should be that a team loses all of its toss-ups (based on what we know right now) in addition to the games it’s supposed to lose. For Georgia, that’s 10-2. For Tennessee, that’s 3-9.

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  10. Dawglicious

    “…maybe it could slip up against Tennessee…”

    As the good Senator has so eloquently put it before: “maybe” is doing a shit-ton of heavy lifting there.

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  11. Greg

    15 & 0 FWIS!!

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  12. stoopnagle

    LOL. Vols.


    • stoopnagle

      I’d be hard-pressed to take seriously any expert who seriously thinks Georgia could slip up in Knoxville given the relative rosters and recent history. Then if that person were to say, double-down by think Auburn was going to beat Georgia, I’d really have to shake my head given a new staff and the roster differences and recent history. Like, by recent I mean the last decade. Just hilarity all the way around.

      Still, Kirby managed to be unable to get the team up for SC in 2019, so there’s always that.


      • UT is not only horrible right now, its not getting better for them. They get your usual injuries and loose the locker room to boot, they may not win anything.


  13. Ace Harris

    I think Dab0 is a better coach but otherwise it is Kirby hands down.


  14. originaluglydawg

    You have to wonder it he’s paid any attention at all to the billows of black smoke coming from Knoxville.
    I don’t know what “If the wheels fall off” exactly entails, but it would have to be a very ominous event or string of events. Something unthinkable.
    The Tennessee / Vandy game will be a contest to see which team sits on the basement floor and which team gets to stand on the first step of the stairs. I think South Carolina will be a little better than both.
    As for the Hogtown Handbag Factory, FTMFs.

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  15. W Cobb Dawg

    No way on earth scu and utk win a combined 11 games.

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  16. Jon Godfrey

    If we lose to UT this year the entire Athletic Dept should be eliminated…errr executed. And I’m not that guy but it would be a travesty.


  17. godawgs1701

    There is absolutely zero chance that Georgia will lose to Tennessee in 2021. It is simply not something that is possible. They’re a team on our schedule with a name you recognize, and that’s basically the extent of their strengths as a team this year. Same with South Carolina to an even lesser extent.


  18. akascuba

    8-4 I just don`t see even if SB is starting game one and followed by injuries to every QB on the roster with our 2021 schedule.

    Even without looking at USCe and UTs schedule. I dont see a combined .500 season for them. They flat out stink and both are closer to Vandy than being a bowl team.


  19. mg4life0331

    I dont see how we can say UGA is automatic against anyone when Kirby shit the bed again USCjr in 19


  20. Munsoning

    Clemson’s D-line and receiving corps are excellent. Won’t shock me if the Dawgs lose the opener. No chance of another loss until UF–and I expect the Dawgs to crush UF. Worst case scenario: 10-2 in the regular season. Best case: 12-0. Most realistic: 11-1. Once again, it’ll be beat Bama or bust.


  21. bigjohnson1992

    I think we have something for Clemson. Trust me, Monken is scheming for Clemson this whole offseason. He knows we can ‘figure’ the other games out later. Gonna see stuff we’ve never seen on offense in this game. Same with D. Epic start to the season. Dawgs.

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