Early buzz

Per Jake Rowe, there’s some talk emerging about player development midway through spring practice.  Digging through it, there seems to be a pretty clear line you can draw between the older players on the list and the young ‘uns, which is hardly surprising.

The problem is that Georgia really needs help in the secondary and at offensive tackle and there isn’t really much experienced talent to draw on in those areas.  A sample:

  • Jalen Kimber:  “Georgia really needed a cornerback or four to get off to a fast start in spring drills and Kimber did that. He still needs to get bigger and stronger but he has some natural instincts for his position. His speed allows him to run with receivers and he doesn’t panic when the ball is in the air. His frame puts him at a disadvantage when it comes to the 50/50 situations but those who’ve seen him in action are impressed by his ability to consistently put himself in position to battle for the football. If he stays on the same trajectory and gets bigger and stronger in the offseason, he may find himself starting in the season opener.”
  • Kelee Ringo:  “The No. 1 cornerback in the 2020 class still has a long way to go. He has only gone through seven practices as a Bulldog but the raw tools really stand out. He’s not yet comfortable in the defense and he’s not playing as fast as he will down the line, but sources who’ve seen him work say Ringo is one of the top overall athletes on the team. He’s extremely fast and has gotten more physical with every practice. The further he gets from the shoulder surgery last August and the more he learns what to do, the more comfortable he’ll be in the defense.”
  • Broderick Jones:  “Georgia wants to move Jamaree Salyer inside to left guard but it’s going to need someone to step up at left tackle. Blaske is trying to make a move but so is Jones, who may be one of the most gifted pass protector on the team. He has held his own on the edge against some really talented players but he do more than just keep that up. He has to get better. He also has to grow as a run blocker and that comes with developing the right mentality and getting stronger. Word is that Jones has consistently improved this spring but he hasn’t yet overtaken Xavier Truss for the first-team left tackle spot. Can he do that before G-Day? More importantly, can he do that before UGA meets Clemson in Charlotte to open the season?”

I know it’s a long way between April and September, but those are three players who need a lot of bigger, stronger and comfort in the scheme to become major contributors by the start of the season.  And those are ones getting buzz!



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5 responses to “Early buzz

  1. armydawg

    If there’s one thing Kirby will do, it’s field a good defense for the opener. No way will he let his defense lay an egg. I know what we are hearing is not great but it’s a long time till the season starts. Kirby’s on the mother!

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  2. Mid-Age Man Coniston

    If we’re having the same discussion during fall camp, it’ll be alarm bells. As of this point, I’m not going to panic. It’s spring ball, and all of those guys are capable of taking massive steps between now and August.


  3. Put those young DBs out there in spring ball against the talented receivers Georgia has, and let ’em see what works and what doesn’t. Learn from the burn.

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  4. junkyardawg41

    I am really looking forward to seeing how the Truss vs. the field for LT pans out this spring. The O line looked like it was a patchwork make up at the bowl game and I am curious as to what stamp Luke will have on a core group of guys that are not legacy starters from Pittman’s grouping.


  5. CB

    Said a lot of good stuff about Blaske too.