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  1. godawgs1701

    well, there it is. Will Muschamp wearing the colors.

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  2. cowetadawg

    Lots of cognitive dissonance seeing Muschamp posting this. Very cool pix. If Kirby could share a video of Boom plaintively and humbly repenting of his mortal sins against all things UGA at the time of hire, I’d get over this much more quickly. Surely there was some sort of penance, right?

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  3. junkyardawg41

    What could have been if not for Kneeland… (yes, it was an ankle) Always one of my favorite DGDs.

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  4. Joel Davis

    Boom looks genuinely happy in this pic. He usually looks miserable and angry

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  5. poetdawg

    I still get a little angry when I think about Edwards career being cut short by a stupid sand football game for TV in Hawaii. He is a DGD and I hope that he is doing well.

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    • Texas Dawg

      That’s why I shake my head when the coaching staff gets criticized for all these non contact injuries. Shit happens at the most inopportune times for the most benign of reasons. How may of us have played frisbee on the beach or sand volleyball? How many of us tore an artery and almost lost a leg? Seems we loose more to non contact injuries then to contact injuries even once they have left UGA.

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    • James Stephenson

      I was watching it live and as soon as he went down I went no, no no. I knew it was bad, I just did not realize career ending bad.


  6. practicaldawg

    Off-season vibes


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    We’ve had great RBs. But I’m not sure anyone accelerated through a hole as fast as Edwards could. He could really turn on the jets.

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    • akascuba

      To judge a a RB at RBU I look at the toss sweep. It’s personal not statistical. There are a very few players that every time the ball was tossed their way I held my breath for that moment wondering is he going to the house. Herschel taught me to feel that way with his world class speed and love for contact. Robert Edward’s was another of the few in that club for a very short period of time. When the ball was pitched into his hands time slowed down and anything seemed possible. DGD forever.


    • bigjohnson1992

      From the upper deck in Sanford, you could see the house calls quickly develop with Edwards and Hearst. The defense would all file in behind them as they headed to the end zone. And yes, a lot of toss sweeps.

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  8. ben

    Help me out. Who are the other two? Is that TE in the red?


  9. Man, when he turned that corner against the Gators in 97’….

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  10. akascuba

    There was a time I thought I would never forgive agent Muschamp for the things he said at FU. I must admit he looks like like belongs in that photo. Given that we have rarely seen him smiling during most of the many other teams he has worked for he truly seems happy.

    Agent Muschamp has a great debt to repay to redeem himself from his FU years. He does seem truly happy to be part of Kirby’s staff. While he was never more than average as HC the man was an outstanding DC. He still flat out knows CFB and most importantly the SEC. I would much rather have him working with us then against us. I’m hoping when he leaves he once again earns the right the be called a DGD.

    Robert Edward’s maybe the poster child for all the bad luck, curse or whatever you want to call it since 1980. He could have been an SEC or NFL hall of fame player on offense or defense if given the benefit of staying just staying healthy. He could change a game with the ball in his hands.