How green was their valley

Something about yesterday’s post on JT Daniels’ four-game stretch to finish the 2020 season made me wonder about something:  how bad were those four defenses Georgia faced?

But that’s not exactly what this post will explore.  Let’s assume for the sake of argument that the conference opponents’ defenses were subpar and Cinci’s stats came at the expense of G5 opponents.  There is still a relevant question to ask:  relative to the opposition, how well did Georgia’s offense perform against those four defenses?

For that, I decided to turn to our old statistical friend, defensive yards per play.  How well did Georgia’s offense perform according to that metric, compared with the rest of those four teams’ opponents?

Answer:  pretty damned well.

Per, you see Georgia’s offensive ypp number, where that ranks defensively (first being most) for the season on the other team’s schedule and the difference between that and the opponent’s season average for defensive ypp:

Also, for further context, here’s where each of those teams ranked nationally in defensive yards per play:  Cincinnati, 4th; Mississippi State, 50th; Missouri, 89th; South Carolina, 110th.  So, yes, two of those defenses Georgia faced were poor.  Even so, there wasn’t a game Daniels played in when the Dawgs didn’t clearly outperform all, or almost all, of the other offenses its opponents faced.


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7 responses to “How green was their valley

  1. timphd

    I assume the YPP averages include the UGA performance? If so, we raised their YPP a bit. How do we compare to their YPP without the UGA performance is an interesting question to me.

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  2. Gaskilldawg

    Thank you for doing that.By the way, weren’t we without our starting right guard and center when we played Cincinnati?


      • Down Island Way

        Ya still gotta suit up, call plays and GATA…once your team finds life in a particular player/players (pick a sport) the team/play usually rises, UGA football found that guy, that guy found UGA football the rest is all stats till next kickoff…

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        • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

          Agree. Stats are useful, but if stats were as important as some people think we wouldn’t need to play the games. Honestly, what set JT apart for me was that to my eyes he wouldn’t just fold it up in adversity, and the team came with him. Come from behind against Cincy is an example. The Rose Bowl game with Jake, Chubb, Sony and Swift is another. It is what I really like about the game.