Clemson’s spring game — a couple of thoughts

Clemson had their spring game this past weekend.  Even taking this early read on things with a grain of salt, there are three takeaways worth mentioning:  (1) with the Achilles injury to its backup quarterback, Clemson has a depth issue at that position; (2) there is no Travis Etienne on the roster; and (3) the Tigers keep rolling out all these long, lanky wide receivers who are going to cause some matchup problems for Georgia’s secondary.

Did I mention that Georgia just signed Tykee Smith?  Good timing, fellas.


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18 responses to “Clemson’s spring game — a couple of thoughts

  1. Ran A

    Games are about match ups. And Georgia has a match up problem with their receivers vrs. our young corners. No way around that. Smith signing helps for a leadership stand point, but it’s still a new system for him and this is the first game of the year. Georgia is going to have to make sure that Clemson’s QB is now getting a lot of time and it sounds like Clemson simply doesn’t have the RB that will slow Georgia down. Let’s hope.

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  2. armydawg

    Sounds like it may be time for a dose of manball.


  3. Texas Dawg

    For all those that were giving our training staff hell about all the knee injuries that they insinuated could have prevented if they knew what they were doing. Does this mean that the Clemson training staff has fallen asleep at the wheel on Achilles tendon injuries and needs to be replaced?

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    • hialtdawg

      No because that’s a different team. Only UGA gets questioned by all the expert trainers, strength coaches and sports surgeons around here. At least when they ain’t rising up on their piss soaked hind legs screaming “my inner Munson” while suffering from a heart attack like Fred Sanford or a SLN Bears SuperFan


  4. originaluglydawg

    As far as tall, lanky receivers go…there are a bunch of them that never get recruited. They are playing center and forward on basketball teams. They may not play football, but some of them are great athletes and can make the transition. They also show up at college “in shape” because BB is a running and gunning sport.
    I’ve said it before…Kirby should have someone looking at HS basketball to find some TALL and athletic receivers. Most HS basketball kids never get offered to play that sport because college BB rosters are so small.

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  5. akascuba

    The defense is going to have some very tough matchup problems. I`ll assume we have learned how to cover a wheel route by then. Yes i know what assuming does to me. I trust Kirby has see the FU game film and it bothers him even more than me.

    On offense JT gets to throw at those same DB`s. I like that match up when they turn their backs to the line of scrimmage.

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  6. Bulldawg Bill

    I’m confused. I thought Ajou was the stuff they serve with your prime rib.


  7. Hawaii was going to throw all over the field on us, then discovered that a QB is not very good when flattened or running for his life. GATA

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  8. BuffaloSpringfield

    Why is there no film of the UGA scrimmage Saturday, just a few clips, throw some scraps to the Dawgs.


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    How bout we jam those lanky WRs on the line, rather than spot them 10 or 15 yards.


  10. rigger92

    Welp, just another orange #FTMF team as far as I can tell. I still remember clemson in Athens in ‘89. What a game that was. Let them flagellate themselves.