Musical palate cleanser, bangin’ like Charlie Watts edition

I’m appalled I’ve never posted a John Hiatt MPC here.  Time to rectify that with a live version of “Slow Turning”.

Jesus, Sonny Landreth on that slide guitar is one bad motha’.


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8 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, bangin’ like Charlie Watts edition

  1. KingMackeral

    Huge John Hiatt fan. His album “Bring the Family” is fantastic. Always good no matter the mood I am in…

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  2. cbusohiodawg

    Senator, I’ve been paying a little more attention to these musical palate cleansers lately and I’ve been wanting to ask what your opinion is of John Mayer. Maybe he’s a little too mainstream, but the MPC from a week or so ago about current artists whose music will stand the test of time had me thinking that he would be my pick, Then I had the thought that he seems to be a current mainstream artist who might line up with your taste. Any opinions on him?


  3. Love this song, and JH overall. I’ve played the Perfectly Good Guitar hundreds of times by now (along with others). Good call!

    Q: Is it time for a MPC with

    The Jayhawks
    Fountains of Wayne (besides Stacey’s Mom)

    A: ?


  4. Dawg19

    Good stuff. Back when Letterman was my hero.


  5. Raleighwood Dawg

    John Hiatt is one of my top 5 singer-songwriters and the Slow Turning album is one of my favorites of his. Along with “Feels Like Rain” and “Paper Thin” ….. damn this man can write some fine songs.

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  6. Matthew McKinney

    And he has a new album coming out with the Jerry Douglas Band, produced by Jerry Douglas.


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