TFW you don’t want the eyes of Texas on “The Eyes of Texas”

Nothing says you’ve got nothing to hide like this:

Last month, the Tribune reported that dozens of UT-Austin donors threatened to pull funds if the university got rid of the song, which has been the subject of student protests. After the story ran, UT-Austin President Jay Hartzell released a statement that said he received a “small number” of hateful emails about the issue and they “bear no influence on any aspect of our decision-making.”

Then, after the Tribune inquired about missing records, UT-Austin identified more than 550 additional emails that should have been provided in response to an open records request.

Oopsie!  I can’t imagine what the problem was…

“This current, highly emotionalized and factually inaccurate movement is counterproductive, will generate more divisiveness and also destroy the progress made in integration up to now,” Stanley wrote in a letter in mid-June criticizing Hartzell’s leadership for meeting with the athletes, which was forwarded to Hartzell by donors nearly a dozen times. “It is being fomented by socialistic groups that are using the blacks as pawns. It is regrettable that the University has accepted this movement. If black athletes really want to improve the general situation for the black community, they should work within themselves.”

Yes, that is regrettable.  But they’re working on it.

Mickey Klein said in a phone interview with the Tribune that while minstrel shows are “disgusting,” he supports keeping the alma mater song and wants the university to get to a place where “everyone, Black [people], people of color are comfortable with the song.” The Kleins said they would continue to support the school financially regardless of Hartzell’s decision over the issue.

“This is not something that we can sweep under the rug, there has to be an open dialogue and discussion,” Mickey Klein said.

Well, Mr. Stanley has certainly been afforded that opportunity.

As far as making people of color comfortable with the song, Texas might start by not mandating that its football players have to associate with it by standing for the song after a game.  Then again, that might be too open a dialogue for some folks.


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  1. drunkenmonken

    You think when this guy reads his statement in a few years he will feel the same way? This will not end well.

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  2. armydawg

    Not being familiar with the Texas song, what is the issue with the words or whatever? Are they really that offensive?


  3. Every time Texas shoots itself in the dick, an angel gets its wings.

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  4. There has to be a way to compromise on this. Allow the players who don’t want to participate to leave the field before the band plays and expect those who remain on the field to participate. Something like that seems to make sense.

    Of course, I don’t understand either Texas school’s cultish stuff, so it doesn’t matter to me. Sark is going to have to lead on this or the large boosters are going to run over him.


  5. Down Island Way

    Lets see here if ca$h IS king…money talks, bullshit walks, corn grows on stalks, pitcher balks, Dawg barks, this is a pain for Sarks….

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  6. armydawg

    Just because a minstrel shows’ content may be racist doesn’t mean that the music is bad. Take things as they are, not the way you want it to be.

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  7. Illini84

    It’s the commie, socialist hippies!!!!!!!!!!!

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  8. debbybalcer

    The players voices about this song need to be heard. I wonder if Sark is wishing he had stayed at Alabama. Since those emails will be available to all the writers will suffer consequences for their words and the university will too if they continue to allow them influence. The boosters are choosing to “die” over a song.


  9. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    I don’t GAS about Texas, the state or the university. But I cannot help but observe that when the PC police come for Georgia (and they will) some of you sanctimonious MFs will be singing a different tune. I don’t know what it will be or exactly when, but it will be something equally “made up and flagellant.”

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  10. I thought that you donated money to a football program because you wanted the team to be good. If all these donors are really concerned about is having “I’ve Been Workin’ on the Railroad” sung to them like secretaries being serenaded at their birthday lunch at T.G.I. Friday’s, maybe they should donate to UT’s choral programs instead.

    This kind of boosters-wagging-the-dog situation is almost enough to make me start calling them Auburn West, but even Auburn’s boosters wouldn’t get worked up over something this stupid.

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    • ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

      Do you like hearing “Glory Glory to Old Georgia?” How about when some woke assholes start saying that song should be banned as racist because it comes from an old Civil War tune (albeit from the Northern side) that reminds them of that period of American history? It will be something just as bizarre as saying what they are saying about The Eyes of Texas—calling a song racist when it doesn’t have a single racist word in it.

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  11. hialtdawg

    Losers die on hills over ancient songs and get lucky in the sUGAr Bowl when halfa dozen starters opt out and think they’re back. Winners upgrade their coaching staffs, bring in impact starters through the transfer portal and roll the donation machine down the track. When the biggest problem is trying to get past an elite dynasty in your own conference and a trash fan base enthralled in predicting doom and explaining away wins to slam dunk on each other for internet posting glory, none of that junk happens. Heyell, nobody other than the Red Coat Band knew they played the Gone With the Wind song after games and when they stopped it was crickets.

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  12. PTC DAWG

    Everyone is so offended….D, JD.


  13. archiecreek

    Ho Li Phuk!!
    If the volk wants to change the Eyes of Tejas on account of it’s inglorious past,
    Then the fight song, Texas Fight, is going have to change too!!
    The second verse…
    The Eyes of Texas are upon you,
    All the livelong day,
    The Eyes of Texas are upon you,
    You cannot get away.
    For it’s Texas we love the best.
    Hail, Hail the gangs all here,
    And it’s goodby to all the rest!

    This is too damn funny!!
    The ball’s in Sark’s court,
    Govern yourself accordingly!!


  14. ground hog day again! someone innocently says “whats racist” – then more blow ups, then I was waiting on Derek to do blazing saddles, then someone will say “wait till they come after Georgia” then there will be some history rewritting on the song, the DON will show up with stupid tweets. lol.

    It aint even our school. Which is the funniest part to me.

    But, I love it, its entertaining. I look forward to the final stage – very personal attacks.

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  15. Derek

    Stanley plagiarized the Head Nazi from The Blues Brothers:


    • ugafidelis

      My first car was a 1979 Mercury Bobcat. The sister car to the Ford Pinto. The old girl will live forever thanks to this movie lol.


  16. BuffaloSpringfield

    Yea, boosters are dumb to a point. Looking around 👀 at the room, after yesterday’s explosion of bidding on 5✨‘S with NIL. The atrocity of “ I’ve been working on the railroad” was written in 1894 and I guess was apart of minstrel shows I have no idea. That was 127 years ago, 8 years later John Sinclair a son of a dairy farmer. Any ya’ll ever had the pleasure of working on a dairy farm ? Sinclair penned the words “The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You as a spoof on the president of UT ( burnt Orange version ) because of President William Prather’s saying of the eyes of Texas are always on you and expects you to do great things.
    John Sinclair was a member of the band, glee club, worked on the college newspaper, was assigned duties of the school year book and played football. It does state that the glee club performed a minstrel show to raise money for the college track team. Looking at the definition of minstrel shows it has several conniptions and there is one specific noted here.
    Back on 65’ I was sitting in the gym and a new kid came in, I was going to shoot some hoops before school. His name is Fred Casey, his mom and mine worked together on a production line. I never really noticed much about him but he was quiet and so I was I. He couldn’t shoot BB worth a flip and really never got any better. We became best friends, him and I ( neither of us had dad’s, deadbeats they were ) spending the night in each other’s homes. We graduated and he went to the Army and I got a scholarship in basketball to a small NAIA school close to home. Now it’s a school that should still be NAIA but wants to be big time but can’t win a game. They’ve played Bama, North Carolina, Clemson, Georgia and Fech.
    In comparison Fred graduated and became a Col. in the Army, I graduated did some engineering work then became a teacher and coach. He lives on the left coast, me on the right. My mom got Covid on September 28, I got her back after her 90th. birthday on December 1st. Fred’s mom got it in November and she got out in February. Fred and I text a couple times a week, his wife died of cancer two years ago.
    I have took Mom by to see Ms. Romaine, as I have always called her 3-4 times since they both had their shots and I also have. The only difference is Fred and his mom are not the same color as my mom and I. If you look deep in your heart and your family tree, be you Democrat, Republican or Independent you can find enough hate, race issues, tax evasion, adultery to hate. If that’s what you wanna find it you can. All you have to do is look for it. Hate or Love.

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    • Texas Dawg

      This goes to my point yesterday. Alumni with large wallets and even larger egos will use $$$ to get what they want. There is no ROI on the money they spend to affect an outcome be it the Eyes of Texas, a new head coach or NIL. They have egos that need to be stroked. University of Texas just happens to be the best (worst) example of this.


  17. Derek

    It makes perfect sense that mask deniers, refusers and their defenders are perfectly fine with:

    “You stand there and sang my damn song, boy! Its like important and stuff.”

    But muh freedom crowd draws a clear line of demarcation between the free and the just damn annoying, unreasonable and bitchy.

    They call tell just by looking at you which side you fall on.

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  18. PTC DAWG

    Can’t wait till tomorrow, what will we be told if to be offended by?


  19. Gotta tell you, it’s a real trip hearing “man, you people are always offended about SOMETHING” from the same side that soiled its collective drawers over Starbucks not putting “Merry Christmas” on their coffee cups.

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    • conflation, you has it. But Derek has it in a spades.


      • Derek

        Its different cuz you say so!!

        Y’all’s ability to rationalize anything and everything is amazing.

        The argument style, which can only be equated to a feces throwing screaming monkey, is just sad.


        • you are an idiot and a moron. You dont know me, or anything about me, but your tribalism dictates putting me in some group, “y’all”. You actually do conflate a shit ton Derek, you are a fascist, you are a hypocrite, you are a loser that stalks the GTP website for political tribalism. Thats it. Nothing you do here changes anything, nor changes anybody. The only feces throwing screaming monkey, is you. And whats sad,is you are the only one that doesnt see it.

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          • Okay, guys (note use of the plural here), time to dial it back.


          • You’re small minded, Chuck. You can’t appreciate how brilliant the conspiracy was. The president of an all-white university coined a saying. Then students wrote a song spoofing that saying. The song sounds creepy to twenty-first century ultra-sensitive neoliberals. The debut of the song might have involved blackface.

            And now, over a century later, the conspiracy has come to fruition. Black students, the real target of the song, despite there being none when the song was written, are upset. It’s pure genius! I’m not sure how, but Trump/Putin must have been involved!

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    • Derek

      Some people are entitled to be offended by anything and everything.

      Some people aren’t so entitled.

      They know who is and who isn’t entitled to be offended at whatever with just one glance.

      If you’re entitled then your fear and ignorance-based meltdowns are seen as reasonable.

      If you aren’t entitled then your concerns aren’t worthy of any thought or consideration, at all.


  20. Illini84

    We all was happy down heah before ya’ll come down.

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    • Derek

      And not only is them outside agitators hard core communists, they are of low moral character and unhygienic:


  21. Ozam

    With all due respect Senator, you can’t post inflammatory articles without expecting a configuration! 🙂

    As an aside, I remember the days when Jews wouldn’t buy Mercedes, but I am stunned the our woke culture hasn’t gone after Mercedes, BMW and Audi. They fueled the German war machine leading to the death of tens of million. That is a irrefutable fact unlike a lot of these issues.


    • I don’t mind stoking a debate, but there’s no need for name calling, or inserting Trump’s name into the comments thread.


      • Ozam

        👍😁…… No thoughts on my German car company comment? I get that the consumer has a choice, but is it acceptable to have stadiums named after war mongers? The problem with the whole woke movement is where do you draw the line. IMHO, it will cause much more harm than good.


        • People can boycott whatever they please, as far as I’m concerned. But I don’t see the connection between a car and a stadium.


        • Derek

          Why does it have to be about “line drawing?”

          Why can’t it just be about being informed and making choices?

          It seems to me like the battle is between a few nuts who occasionally act like everything needs to be buried in the past and a more mainline thought that discussing negative things from the past is somehow a bad thing.

          I can sing the star spangled banner AND learn about the trail of tears.

          I can know that Winston Churchill was often a racist AND honor him for staring down Hitler.

          Why can’t we just be adults?

          Why does every discussion of American history have to have a Lee Greenwood soundtrack?

          Every person, group or nation has a history that is both good and bad. We should be able to learn the lessons of our own and our collective pasts in order to make better decisions tomorrow.

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    • rigger92

      Hey now, lay off my BMW’s. I even have one that has “Made in W Germany” stamped on all the parts.


      • Ozam

        And I have two! I should hate those cars but I realize, despite the checkered past, the people who run the company and build the cars have nothing to with what happened 75 years ago. However, using today’s cancel culture standard they should put out of business.


        • Derek

          How did you become an expert on the cancel culture standard?

          Is it written down?

          Can you list who has been “cancelled” by that culture you are the expert on? Maybe we’ll see a pattern emerge.


  22. W Cobb Dawg

    “If black athletes really want to improve the general situation for the black community, they should work within themselves.”

    Okay, because all societal problems are self-imposed and have no effect on the nation at large. I would love to see the black players give the school the finger and walk out. Fuck the kneeling or other half-measures. Just walk out and straight to the welcoming arms of other schools.

    And walking out really works. Just the threat of a few MSU players walking out shut Leach’s big mouth last year.