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Alex, I’ll take “not gonna happen” for $200.

Shot ($$).

Ari, when if ever will Georgia Tech be able to recruit similar to Georgia?


When will Georgia Tech be able to recruit like that? Never. That’s not a slight on Georgia Tech. It’s just the reality.

And there will never be enough Waffle House coffee in the world to change that.



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Market power

For those of you who like to promote the concept that if college athletes don’t like what schools offer them for their services, they can always choose to take their skills elsewhere, Justice Thomas would like a few words.

Hint:  they’re not.


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A taste of scrimmage

For what it’s worth, Georgia released a brief hype video from Saturday’s scrimmage.  Enjoy.


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“2021 Florida and the art of the transfer portal roster makeover”

This Ian Boyd post on what Dan Mullen schemed last season and where Florida is likely headed on both sides of the ball for 2021 is worth your time to read.

The tl;dr version is this:  “Between a few roster developments planning ahead and then some transfer portal infusions, the Gators are completely making over their roster for the 2021 season to go from being a finesse, spread passing team who struggled to stop the run to having a massive, gritty interior on both sides of the ball.”

To that end, Florida has added two 315-pound defensive tackles.  The Gators will have three offensive linemen weighing 340+ pounds.

Those of you who think that Jones’ weakness in the passing game will be his undoing need to consider where Mullen may be going this season with his offensive scheme.

While Mullen will undoubtedly work hard to get his quarterbacks at a higher level in the passing game this offseason and work out some of his typical tricks for the Gators’ new generation of wideouts, this team is clearly going to be much more power-run oriented than in recent seasons. I expect these two quarterbacks to end up combining for somewhere between 150-200 carries while the running backs get a similar amount of work. It’ll be a completely different approach than in 2020 with Mullen scheming up leverage for the run game to march down the field.

Such an approach though will not lead to as many points or as efficient of possessions as we saw from Florida in 2020 though when Trask was zipping the ball around the field 40 times per game. In 2021, a power running Florida team will need to play some defense.

And therein, of course, lies the rub.  But the main point here is, don’t expect the same old, same old from Florida this season.


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There are RPO plays, and then there are RPO plays.

Nick Saban expounds:

“To me, it’s easier to defend the RPO when a team runs a zone play than it is when they run – what I call a ‘hat’ play – which is a lead play, or power or counter.”

“Because now, the linebackers are taught to step up and jump over, or jump over because somebody pulled. But now, you pull the ball and throw an RPO and now you’ve really displaced ’em.”

“That’s the way we do it. I think you’ve got to change it up, and disguise it, it’s even the way we play our Fire Zone coverage. Then we’ve got a chance to stop the RPOs.”

Last season’s stats back that up.  (But check out who was better defending RPOs.)


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