Moar spring buzz

I’m seeing more and more chatter about one early enrollee, Adonai Mitchell, a wideout who’s evidently turning a few heads in practice.  JT Daniels was asked about Mitchell yesterday and had this to say:

“I’m definitely a fan of AD. One thing I can say that jumped out to me initially when he first got here, and I had my throwing sessions with the receivers, he was a consistent show. He was there every time and liked to run. He’d get his conditioning in. Talking about how he plays, he’s got great twitch and is going to develop to become a great young player. We’ve just got to let him take his time and learn the system and do his thing, and I think he’ll be a good football player.”

Mitchell signed as a three-star recruit, but he brings one very attractive attribute to the table in the wake of the Pickens injury, in that he’s 6-4.  He’s somebody to put an eye on at G-Day.


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6 responses to “Moar spring buzz

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    With that first name he’d better be good. Got a lot to live up to.


  2. Ran A

    This is the buzz on the 247 site as well. Apparently behind the scenes they are quietly already calling this kid an absolute steal. Got him away from Kiffin. Now, until you strap that helmet on – on Saturday’s – you never know and he is going to be down the depth chart, but it is a name we should all file away.


  3. Very cool.


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