Players’ talk

Three interviews from yesterday —

JT Daniels:

Christopher Smith:

Kearis Jackson:


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21 responses to “Players’ talk

  1. mg4life0331

    Cool. Thanks Senator.


  2. rigger92

    Thanks for posting these Senator. Enjoyed watching them.


  3. spur21

    Al this hand wringing by folks about Pickens being out need to look at Jackson. He caught the same number of passes and produced one more yard. Bottom line our receivers will be fine.

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    • W

      I think they’ll be good, but you can’t replace those guys that make plays when you need em most and can dominate the other teams best corner. I think losing Pickens is a big big deal.


      • just a big deal. not a big big deal. 🙂

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      • Derek

        Two “bigs” is the correct answer.

        The thing George gives you isn’t just production.

        Its attention that opens up opportunities for others.

        We probably don’t have another guy on the roster that the other team will feel they have to double team.

        We also don’t have that “when in doubt throw it to x” guy that AJ and Pickens are.

        Doesn’t mean we can’t be good. Just means that we present fewer concerns to a dc in 1’s absence.

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        • silvercreekdawg

          Derek, there’s also a flip side to that.

          Pickens commands so much attention that the #1 CB is assigned to him. With GP out, which Georgia WR becomes the #1 target? Burton? Maybe, but I don’t see him as a clear #1 over the rest of the room. I think it could very well depend on the offensive game plan. Rather than fewer concerns for a DC, I would argue it would produce more because a DC can’t focus on just one guy in that group. Especially since it’s well established that GP runs a limited route tree and isn’t a huge fan of blocking. I also don’t forsee JTD missing wide open WRs with the frequency the Mailman did.


    • TN Dawg

      Not calling you a liar, but the old saying is “Figures lie and liars figure”.

      KJ was almost certainly the recipient of favorable coverage matchups because Pickens drew so much game plan scheming by opponents.

      Numbers don’t occur in a vacuum.

      With that said, I think the receiver corp will be undoubtedly diminished, but hardly a liability.

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  4. SO, JT gets to talk freely for 10 minutes, and that’s fairly unprecedented. Even gets asked about Fromm indirectly. Where are all the “WE NEED ACCESS!!” people. why arent there 100 comments about him commenting? ugh, very annoying. Thats why I have no problem with kirby locking it down. People just bitch.


  5. originaluglydawg

    Thank you, J. Newman for taking a hike!
    JT will do just fine.


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